How to Make Your House Cozier for More Comfortable Living

interior view of a cozy living room

Once the winter comes, the only thing we dream about is wrapping ourselves in a fluffy blanket and not leaving a house for the whole season. And when we visualize this moment, we see warm and homely indoors in front of our eyes rather than a plain minimalistic apartment.

You don't need to clutter plenty of stuff at your place to make your home feel cozy. We gathered some easy tips that can make you and your guests feel homely at your place and don't make you empty your pockets.

So get to know how to make your house a home and become an interior designer by yourself.

Add a Little Greenery

Plants can make the most minimalistic place look more homely. They add color to the white walls and make your home look alive. If you have empty window sills and don't know what to put on them, buying colorful flower-pots and massive green plants can be a real gamechanger.

If you don't have a green thumb – don't worry. There are plenty of plant types that demand nothing more than watering once in two weeks.

Recently, monstera deliciosa became a significant trend in interior design along with ale and rubber plants. They are hard to kill and can make your living room a home jungle where breathing is a sheer pleasure.

Set the Right Temperature

If you want to make your space feel inviting and warm, don't forget to make it warm in a literal way. Even the most thought-through interior wouldn't feel like home in winter if it's cold inside of it, and you wouldn't enjoy your fancy and cozy apartment if you're covered in shivers.

If you have a heater that doesn’t always work, make sure to call a professional and repair it (you can visit, for instance, Air Temp Solutions and see if they are in your area) – there’s nothing worse than sitting in a cold apartment during winter months.

Moreover, an ugly heater can make all your hard work in decorating your place pointless. You can't even cover the refrigerator with furniture so easily if you don't want to spend a lot on your energy bills.

However, there are several places that can help you upgrade your heater and give it a new personality and soul that matches your overall home design.

Warm Your Place With Lighting

One of the most significant changes to make you feel cozier at home is new lighting. Dimmed lights in your bedroom add a warm glow and set the perfect atmosphere for long evenings with Netflix and chill.

Consider investing in light dimmers so you can manually control how bright the light in a room is.

Remember that harsh and blue light evoke a feeling of cold and anxiety rather than warmth so if you have those in your apartment – maybe it's high time to replace them for the wintertime.

Another tip for making your home cozier is changing the design of your lamps. An eye-catching chandelier or a new lampshade can change not only the way your room is enlightened but also add a sparkle of freshness.

If you want to fill some space in your kitchen, think about adding string lights which are among the top trends in modern interior design.

Make It More Colorful

You might feel cold and unwelcoming in a place that is all white or gray. The good news is that you don't need to repaint your walls or buy furniture to add a little bit of color.

Don't be afraid to get a little crazy with the accessories. A few colorful cushions can make the room feel much cozier. Match them with new rugs.

If you have a wooden floor, don't cover it all, but choose a smaller, fluffy rug that matches other details in a room.

You can also reconsider how your curtains look. Colorful curtains give you the impression of being separated from the outside world and add a spark to your place.

Make Your Walls Alive

We feel cozy in places that are personal to us. If you feel like there is too much free space on your walls, hang up pictures of you and your friends.

Similarly, you can buy a poster of your favorite film or a graphic of an artist, put it into a frame, and get a personalized look by hanging it above your bed. By doing so, you warm not only your place but also your heart.


luxurious living room with fireplace

Contrary to what some people might think, it's actually quite easy to change your home into a warm and cozy place. The only thing you need is a little imagination.

However, make sure that you don't clutter it with unnecessary objects, so it doesn’t look messy and unthoughtful.

Once your place is ready, light up the candles, use the scented oils, pour yourself a mug of aromatic tea, and invite your guests. But there's one warning – there’s a chance they won’t want to leave your home just as much as you don’t want to!

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