The Practicalities of Family Expansion in Changing Times

If there is one thing that life teaches us every day, it’s that there is no good time for anything to happen. The more that you wait around for a right time, the quicker you’ll watch things pass you by and the timing will never be right. This goes for upgrading your car, buying a house and even having another baby. There is no right time in life for a baby, because a baby is going to turn the world upside down even when you don’t want it to. If one baby turns things on their head, imagine what a second addition to the family would do? Deciding to have one baby is unlocking a life achievement that many wish to complete at least once in their lives. Raising a child from new baby to adulthood is a massive privilege and a challenging thing to do. You and your partner will spend weeks, if not months, imagining that child and what they will grow up to be. The thing is, it’s always easy to have one child. One baby crying and two pairs of hands to deal with it is, well, easy. One of the biggest jokes in life is that you don’t quite realize how easy it is to have one baby, until you introduce another one to the mix.

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