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Hi there! My name is Amy, thank you for checking out my website today.

I'm a small town Saskatchewan gal married to my best friend (how cliché), trying to figure out the whole married with children (and a dog, house, garden, acreage, cats & needs of my own) thing.

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I was craving a creative outlet other than sewing and crafting. I was feeling a serious NEED to write. Hampers&Hiccups was born. I'm loving it. I really am.

Here's the thing… I'm a relatively new mama.  My Sweet Girl just turned 2 and Pip is about 7 and a half months old.

So, because I'm navigating these waters with you, I know what you're going through.  I know the feelings of frustration, pride, love, amazement, overwhelming panic, and failure all mushed together in one nice little package we like to call motherhood.

I'm here to help.  From the bottom of my heart I want every woman to feel happy, empowered, and full of life. In our demanding lives it's too easy to get caught up with our to-do list that's a mile long.  Being a homemaker should not be overwhelming.  It should be purposeful and rewarding.

Seriously. You get to stay home with your kids!  Nobody has a better job.  There's women (and men) who would give almost anything to have what we have.  And yet, we don't always realize that.

Let's begin. Check out the different categories my website covers:

You can also check out the articles I have compiled below starting from homemaking, parenting, gardening, to much more.

Recent Articles

Homemaking Articles

Ah, Home-Making.  Such an old-fashioned term, don't you think?  To me, it is a beloved one. What better way to describe what (traditionally) a woman does to the house she lives in.

Many of us describe ourselves as stay-at-home wives and mothers. Not so long ago, this was a given. EXCEPT, we were called home-makers. We tend the homes, rear the children, honor our husbands.  Simple enough, right? Wrong.

Keeping the house clean, clothes washed and mended, decor and paint in check, children bathed, fed, alive and well-mannered, garden tended, animals raised, yard manicured, etc, etc, etc, is no easy job!  And we're wanting to do it! Day in and day out for the next 18-25 years. Being home to watch your children grow is the single most satisfying job on the planet.

So let's explore together and help one another learn some new ways of making our homes.  After all, it's what we feel called to do. Check out my recent homemaking articles I've put together:

Parenting Articles

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something.  I say parenting is an exception. If I were to call myself a parenting expert I would be laughed off the internet! While our journey through parenthood has been relatively easy and hiccup minimal, I don't have it all figured out.

Parenting, as with most things, is extremely personal.  No matter what your values and ideals, there will never be another parent/couple who does things exactly the same as you.

I'm here to share my stories, trials, tribulations, successes, and not-quite successes with you to help you become more well-rounded and informed.  Check out my recent top parenting articles I've put together:


Sleep Training Series

I've also put together a 6-week article series on how to Sleep Training your baby. Trust me. Sleep training your baby the right way is extremely important early on. Check out the series of articles.