Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Both Function and Luxury


If you choose to renovate your bathroom, not only do you update and boost its style quotient but you also successfully add value to your home.

Such renovations or bathroom upgrades align your bathroom and its current facilities to your present needs.

To renew your bathroom completely, it may be worth hiring a professional fitter, Ability Bathe bathroom design & installation, for instance, they will be able to help with the design process and ensuring that everything you dream of is included within it while using the area; as well as fitting the bathroom itself.

Bathroom upgrades allow you to enhance them with additions that will prove useful for years to come.

If you are considering a bathroom up-gradation exercise shortly, you should consider the following additions:

Low-Flow Toilet With Hidden-Tank

Suppose you choose to equip your bathroom with hidden tanks.

In that case, there are several benefits of using such varieties of toilets as experts from point out.

In this particular type of toilet, the water storage container is placed inside the wall. It is worth the money, especially if your bathroom is not at all that big.

It provides a significant space-saving design when there is little space for you to play with.

The hidden-tank variety of toilets, which are also called hidden cistern toilets, save you space.

And a low flow flushing mechanism helps you save money with every flush.

Opting for a low-flow toilet with a hidden-tank is a brilliant move that serves to boost the value of your home after the upgraded exercise.

Through such toilets that can complement bathrooms of almost all styles, they assume pride in toilets that sport a contemporary and modern style.

Beware, due to the inaccessibility of the tank, maintenance, and servicing of the inner workings, can prove to be quite tricky.

Small Shower Floor With Textured Tiles

While you have plenty of wall, flooring, and tile options, the most important decision you will take in this regard is choosing the tiling for your shower floor.

You must select a safe tile for your bathroom. Considering this, small tiles with texture are perhaps the ideal solution for you.

Thanks to the texture and the additional grouting, you can prevent your feet from slipping in the soapy and wet shower.

You can clean almost all tiles available these days with ease, and the grout they have serves to keep humidity, mold, and stains at bay.

You can choose tiles made from ceramic and porcelain for maximum style and a high amount of décor options.

You can use a variety of colors and patterns available for both harmonious looks and maximum visual impact.

2-inch Plumbing Drain Pipes

Though plumbing drain pipes will not make a visible difference to your bathroom, these 2-inch pipes can considerably improve the bathroom functions.

Usually, bathroom plumbing uses PVC pipes of one and a half inch or one and a quarter-inch diameter.

Such tubes tend to get clogged with ease, especially if you have many family members who use the bathroom.

Plumbing pipes with 2-inch diameters come with no additional cost but enhance the bathroom drainage significantly.

Install a Tub Only If You Plan To Use It

You need to add a tub to your bathroom only if you plan to use it, not because it is an almost standard part of a bathroom.

If you don’t take baths in the tub, it is in no way a necessity. Some real estate experts who, however, differ and say that bathtubs make a house more saleable.

While that might be true, the need for bathtubs is decided by what you plan to do with your home in the coming few years.

If you take regular baths, then a bathtub does a fantastic job of sprucing up your baths.

However, if you don’t use the bathroom for baths, you can steer clear from including one in your bathroom.

If you have an unusually large bathroom, you can enjoy both a shower and a bathtub without running into space issues.

But if you need to choose from the two, try to adopt a functional point of view, even if it means that you leave out the bathtub from your bathroom upgrade.

Install A Shower Window

One of the biggest things that prevent a bathroom from remaining clean is the humidity it stores up.

Poor ventilation makes such humidity trapped in the bathroom space.

Bathroom fans are helpful, but you should remember that ventilation is best only when it is natural.

You can address this issue by installing a window in your shower space.

It will help to ensure that the bathroom remains free from mildew and mold while keeping things clean at the same time.

You can add to the natural ventilation provided by such ventilation by leaving the bathroom door open after use.

The additional light that gets into your bathroom adds aesthetic and safety value.

One tip you want to follow is to make sure that the sill is sloped downwards, letting water flow freely.

Install A Recessed Medicine Cabinet

While upgrading your bathroom, you can also boost storage space while making your bathroom appear sleeker by adding a recessed cabinet in the area above the vanity.

When you install the cabinet recessed inside the wall by a few inches, you both add to the storage space and get a sleek and modern looking bathroom.

This technique is ideally suited when you have a shallow vanity. The recesses give you extra space to bend and use the sink without your head banging against the mirror edges.

Enhance Bathroom Lighting


Bathrooms are one of your home places that receive little natural light; you need to ensure adequate lighting for it.

While upgrading your bathroom, it is an excellent idea to improve and upgrade the lighting.

Such lighting will not only set up a better mood for your bathroom but also increase its functionality.

You need to add dimmers for the leading lights.

As you might well imagine, having baths in fully-lighted glare is hardly fun. Under such circumstances, dimmer lights help to add to the proper mood.

Another thing you want is to add lighting in the shower instead of around it. Proper lighting adds to a fair and safe shower.

Always remember that with your bathroom upgrade, you want to make them more functional and efficient.

You want to have something that adds to the bathroom style.

When you are carrying out a bathroom upgrade, these are just some of the ideas that will help you.

Some other online resources and guides will help you successfully renovate your bathroom.

We hope you have a pleasant experience in upgrading your bathroom. Good day!

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