5 Tips for Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Home


Choosing the right lighting for your home is much more important than it seems. Properly selected chandeliers and lamps improve the comfort of life and work, affect the well-being and even the amount of bills.

When choosing the lighting for your home, you need to pay attention to location, what light source will be the most effective, and what color or tone the lighting should be.

Planning internal lighting should take place after planning the interior arrangement – then you will know exactly where lamps are needed, and you will avoid problems related to changes in the electrical installation.

So once you have an idea for the arrangement of furniture in individual rooms, you can arrange the best places for lamps on the plan.

LED lighting is very popular nowadays. In shops, apart from LED bulbs and lamps, you can also find LED strips. Furniture manufacturers successfully use them and to decorate, display, or illuminate certain places in the home.

In this article, we will present to you fundamental issues that need to be considered when choosing to light for specific rooms.

Lighting for the Living Room


The living room is one of the most important rooms in our house – it is also a meeting place, where all the household members gather, and a representative part where you receive guests. The light in this room should not be limited to the central chandelier.

Room lighting should be well harmonized here, creating a unique atmosphere of the room.

The combination of various lamps and appropriate lighting of functional zones will make the living room not only look beautiful, but everyone will also feel great in it.

Remember to choose a chandelier according to the style of the interior and its size.

It is supposed to illuminate and decorate the living room, and not to make life difficult for the household members – choose a model that will be both nice and practical.

Lighting for the Kitchen and Dining Room


Lighting in the kitchen should allow you to prepare meals conveniently, and at the same time – if the kitchen also serves as a dining room – provide the right amount of light for a shared meal with the family.

So the most important in the kitchen are three lighting types: the main lighting, lighting for worktops and lighting for the dining area. You can also light cabinets, and here you will find led plinth lights for that.

Above the dining table there should be a place for a pendant lamp or spot lamps that will adequately illuminate the table top.

Such lighting not only increases the functionality of the dining area and emphasizes its distinctiveness, but is also an essential decorative element in the dining room.

Remember to place the light switches in a way that gives you the ability to reach them all at once.

It is very convenient to switch between lights you need at the very moment. It would also be a good idea to place one switch to turn all the lights off at just one click.

Lighting for the Bedroom


Lighting in the bedroom should allow you to move freely around the room, and it should also create an intimate atmosphere.

Therefore, bedroom lighting should consist of a central lamp, discreet atmospheric lighting, and functional bedside lamps right next to the bed.

If you also have wardrobes in the bedroom, it is worth thinking about lighting the inside of the wardrobe – either by properly directed external lamps or internal lighting. Discreet lighting can be created by interestingly placed wall lamps or LED strips.

Those little light sources will serve you before bedtime when you don’t want to be woken up with excessive light. It can also come in handy at night when, for example, when you have to get up to the bathroom.


Choosing your home’s best lighting can be great fun if you know how to pick the right lamps for the given rooms. It is always better to plan the interior first, so you would know how to set up lights properly.

The room and furniture layout will give you a picture of what should be lit and what should be in the shade.

You don’t have to worry about the various types of lighting available in the stores. The market is full of different colors, designs.

The lighting might not seem like the game changer when it comes to interior design, mainly when you have your walls painted and wallpapers on it.

But choosing the right lighting makes every room attractive and functional, which cannot be provided by any piece of equipment or furnishing.

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