7 Décor Ideas to Brighten up a Dark Room


We always prefer to live in a large, spacious, and airy room but not all of us are fortunate enough to afford such luxury.

Some of us also initially opted for a living space upon constructing your home but changed preference as time went by.

Nothing could beat the light and airy feeling of living spaces when it comes to comfort and relaxation after a busy working day at the office.

Even though we tried to convert our areas from night today, most of us will find it very challenging on how to properly implement such changes.

No worries, we will help you out in giving you some of the proven ideas on how to brighten up your living spaces.

Here are the top 7 ideas that will transform your living spaces from a dark one to a much brighter room.

Incorporate a Light-colored Theme

By doing this, your living spaces or any of your rooms will look more spacious and brighter. We are not talking about painting your area white. You can choose vibrant or lighter color hues.

One example will be light blue; this will give your room the effect that you are outside enjoying the view of the skies. It will be best if you will paint your ceiling light blue.

Natural Lighting


Let natural light in as much as possible. By doing this, you can add a lot of sunlight inside your living space. This light will be reflected by the light-colored paint, which we have mentioned above.

Add Artificial Lighting

If you only have one window or a small one, it would be best if you will add additional lights inside your space or room.

Put lights on the corners of your room facing the ceiling so that it will also be reflected and bounced off if you already painted your room light in color.

If you have already done this, you should also check your bulbs from time to time if it is working. You won’t be able to brighten up your room

if your bulbs are dim. Try also using white bulbs instead of those warm contrasted colored bulbs.

Placing up an additional lamp post will be best if ever your living space doesn’t have any windows.

You can also add chandeliers to your living room since it has more lights that would surely add brightness to your living space.

But of course if you are on a tight budget, lamp posts and white light bulbs would be sufficient enough.

Light-colored Decorations and Ornaments

It will be wise enough to put light-colored decorations such as paintings and ornaments in your room since they could also bounce back the lights in your room.

In that way, these things can add more brightness to your living spaces.

Light-colored Flooring

Another tip is to add brightness to your flooring. You could employ colored tiles or wood flooring.

If changing your floor color is impossible or too costly, you can try adding light-colored rugs, carpets, and other floor furnishings to it.

Light-Colored Upholstery Fabricmodern-and-bohemian-composition-of-interior-design

Choose white-colored upholstery fabrics. In doing this, you can add brightness to your room since these fabrics also bounce and reflect light in your room; this will scatter even the smallest amount of light that will enter your living spaces.

There are many upholstery fabrics you can choose from different shops. White leather, linen, and cotton would be best for this type of purpose.

These fabrics are known to be so soft some are a bit shiny, ideal to bounce off any light that could add brightness to your living spaces.

They are also very strong and durable so you won’t have to worry about replacing those fabrics very soon since it will be guaranteed that it will last for a very long time.

With regards to cleaning and maintaining, most of those fabrics need a bit of regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. By doing that, you will be able to avoid extensive cleaning.

Light-colored Curtains

This time forget about those dark-colored themed curtains if you wanted to brighten up your living spaces.

Light-colored curtains don’t block the sun that much so natural light can still enter your room.

There are varieties of curtain fabric to choose from, and surely they have options for a light-colored one.

To Conclude

As a bonus tip, please try to clean your windows regularly to prevent dust from accumulating, thus blocking some of that essential sunlight that you need in your room.

If you have trees outside or tall plants near your windows, you might want to cut those tree branches or relocate those plants to other parts of your ground to free up your window from any obstruction.

By following those easy steps above, you will be able to see the best transformation to your dark living space.

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