Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room

Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room a girl on the floor of her bedroom smiling hampersandhiccups

How you decorate your child’s bedroom depends on their age. A nursery, for instance, is more what you want than what a baby desires, as they have not developed any choices. That soon changes though, and they do not need not be very old to have a mind of their own and know exactly what they want. Part of the problem is that this usually involves characters from their favorite TV program or film, which changes every time a new one comes out. You need to avoid using such themes unless you want to have to redo the room every few months.  There are ways to decorate your child's room with perhaps a teddy or poster to show who their favorite of the moment is, and it will last a lot longer before you need to redo it.

Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room


Good quality furniture that will last a few years is the secret here. A bed may seem a bit large for a three-year-old, but if it is well made, they could still be using it when they are a teenager. The same applies to chests of drawers and wardrobes. For example, if you buy Eames furniture, you can be sure that the furniture you purchase will last more than a few months. Solidly built, high-quality furniture is always best for any room, not just your child’s.


Children are natural hoarders and will keep everything they can at home given the chance. They need plenty of storage to be able to put items away and keep their room in some sort of order. Baskets that will slide into the bottom of the wardrobe are a good idea, as they keep all their collections out of sight.  Shelves can hold all their books unless they have room for a bookcase, which is even better. This could then also be used for them to put an untold number of things from art materials through to toys.


Ways to decorate your child's room - elephant theme love you more than all the stars light olive greenBlue for a boy and pink for a girl is considered to be very dated unless they have chosen one of those as the color they want. If you keep the walls plain in a pale shade of their favorite color, you can add pictures and other things around the room in brighter shades. The bed linen and curtains are important accessories that can affect the whole look of the room. Make sure they blend well with whatever other colors you are using.


We all know that on a cold winter morning the best thing to step out of bed onto is carpet. However, children will use their bedroom for all sorts of things, they do not just sleep in there. They could use it as a study or a playroom and in either of these scenarios could well take food and drink into the room.

They are not always as careful with these as an adult would be and are far more likely to knock a glass of soda over than you would be. Some of these drinks stain so avoid a carpet that is a pale color. You do not want it to be too dark, but it should not be so light that it shows every little mark.

You could opt for wooden floors or laminated flooring, just as a couple of examples, and have a rug at the side of their bed.

Children can be fickle and creating them a stylish room is a balancing act between their wishes, your ideas, and the costs.

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