Why Every Home Needs A Whole House Water System

Drinking filtered water from kitchen tap

In more recent times there has been a lot of dialogue both in the press and in personal conversations around water systems and their importance, or relevance.

Globally there has been an increase in demand for whole house water systems, and just water systems in general, this is due to consumers learning more about their water and the heavy levels of contamination that is becoming evermore prominent in it.

Consumers cannot be completely sure that their water is clean and uncontaminated, this along with many other factors discussed below form the basis for many to invest in whole house water systems.

What is in our water?

Water contamination is a real issue faced by everyone. In the most part, the levels of contamination experienced by most are not usually high enough to cause obvious immediate sickness.

What many people do not know, is that these initially low contamination levels are usually some of the leading factors which attribute to more chronic health issues in later life. After a lifetime of consuming contaminated tap water many people have seen a rise in negative health issues.

There are many unwanted substances in our water, most of which have been added initially to make it safe. Some of which are formed from parasites, such as microbial pathogens, these are disease producing micro-organisms.

There are organic substances that can be found in our waters, these originate from pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. These get added to our water due to farming the lands close to big bodies of water. Water can also become tainted with toxic metals, radioactive elements and scale.

Advantages of Whole House Water System


Filtered water everywhere

When you purchase a single water filter, this usually stays in your kitchen and is used primarily for the water you drink or prepare food and drinks with. While this is still a worthy investment, with a whole house water filter you can expect the same high-quality filtered water in your bath, shower and from every tap.

This means that you do not have to worry about any contaminated water entering your home, making your house a safe haven for the whole family.

This could be much more appealing for a family with a lot of younger members, as they are less likely to understand that they should not drink from other taps or ingest bath or shower water.


If you desire filtered water throughout your house, but do not install a whole house filtration system then you will have to do this separately for water outlet. This can make it a much more expensive job then it needs to be.

By installing a whole house filtration system, it will be cheaper and easier to attend to the upkeep of the system, making it economical and convenient.

Better filtration

Whole house filtration systems use a multi-stage scheme through your water lines that allows for your whole house to reap the benefits of clean water. If you install a house filter system, your water will ultimately end up better filtered than that of someone filtering one tap.

It is also true that these whole house filtration systems are developed using much more complex systems. QualityWaterLab mentions that these types of systems remove more contaminants than countertop or under the sink add-ons.


Your water will be treated as soon as it comes out of your tap, or into your house, this means it is much easier to get access to it without having to manually do it. This means that every time a tap turns on or water is used, it will be free from contamination.

Disadvantages of Whole House Water System

While there are many benefits of fitting your home with a water filtration system, there are of course some fallbacks. This system is very complex, it can be a mammoth task that cannot be done without some professional supervisor.

Even for a plumber to install a whole house filtration system it would be a big job with a hefty price tag. This is the main setback for consumers that are thinking about installing a whole house water system.

Another important issue that must be noted is that after the initial high cost of installing a whole house filtration system, it cannot be tailored to certain rooms. This means that every water source you have will have treated, filtered water, even if it is not necessary.

This can be deterrent for some as it is just not necessary for every tap in the house to be treated. It also makes the use of ‘point of use’ water filter systems more appealing, as these allow you to have a more targeted approach, making it more worthwhile and less expensive.

Should you purchase a Whole House Filtration System?

After learning more about these filtration systems and seeing the benefits of them, yes you should. Nevertheless, it is important to consider your own needs first. If you have a big household it would be more efficient to invest in a whole house water filter system for large homes. That way you do not have to attend to each water source separately and waste your time and money.

A small house with less people living under that roof many not see the same positive impact of installing a whole house filtration system. This is because they can target the exact outlets that they need to use for water, making it less expensive and necessary.

It is prudent that you consider contacting an expert in water filtration systems before going ahead with any installation of filtration systems. They will be able to further explain which system is best for you and how you should go about it.


To conclude whole house filtration systems are a great investment to ensure that your household does not consume contaminated water. Nevertheless, these whole house systems are not always the answer for ever home and there are various other options with can work just as well.

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