What Goes Before, During And After The Patio?

What goes before, during and after the patio? Wicker rocking chair and end tables with potted plants on wood decking patio hampersandhiccups

If you’re into home decor and you think you know your way around many different styles and how you can implement them, ask yourself how comfortable are you with changing up the patio? It's one of those areas in the home that doesn’t get a lot of attention even though it should. So what happens is that we aren’t as knowledgeable on the various styles and different ways of bringing the patio to life. Hence why when you go into certain homes that look brilliant and have a great sense of magnificence, the patio is often neglected. It's just a transitional area of the home for many people. Therefore it's not that important however it should be something to celebrate.

It's the passage from the inside to the outside of your home, therefore it should be grand to some extent. This is because entering the home or leaving the home for the land your own outside it should be of importance. These two things are symbolic of many things, such as your wealth, status, sense of style, acknowledgement of tradition, and passing the test of correct implementation. So what does come before, during and after the patio regarding all things design?

Entering the parameters

As you get closer to the patio doors, you should have some kind of sense that you’re about to get near an exit or rather than the entrance to the garden. This is because for practical reasons, there should be an acknowledgement that people whether they be family that lives in the home or guests such as friends that come over, will be using this part of the home to bring the outside in, and the inside out. You can expect to contest with bare feet, slippers and socks here, so something that balances hard and soft, along with hot and cold would be great.

A rugged woollen rug at the foot of the doors is definitely a classic piece that you should consider. This is because the outside will be cold, and more than likely using some kind of rugged and tough material. The contrast is what you’re looking for so even if you have hardwood floors, you will still have nice warm oasis. Single seat sofas would be great to have here also so during times of cold you can still sit and watch the happenings of the garden. For the summer, if people would like to be out of the heat but still near the fun, they can use these sofas to sit close to the edge of the patio.

In the crossing

Maybe not the most complex of areas for style, but still a part of the home that is rarely understood is the patio crossing. The star of the show is of course the patio door, as it is the guardian that stands and blocks the harsh elements from entering inside your home. There used to be a time where a plain white hinged door would be fine, however contemporary style demands a new way of looking at this. Doors that swings open and close are fine for rooms, but for the patio it seems a bit off. This is because there are already doors all over the home, so shouldn’t the doors to be a bit theatrical since this part of the home is already symbolic? So if you do want doors that are stylish, what kinds of patio doors can you look for?

For one, you can use the services of sliding and French patio door installers, as the style combines beauty with modern efficiency with regards to the practical design. The doors look to keep the heating indoors, so you won’t lose warmth yet they also aim to save space as patio doors can be quite large and bulky. The doors are available with two and four-panel configuration with a range of colors to choose from. You can pick out accessories you feel would fit in your home such as the handle and the lock. The wood itself is coated in vinyl which keeps it in good stead so it won’t flake, rust, peel or crack during any kind of weather extremes. The sliding doors also make it easier to control human traffic as there won’t be too many people coming in and out at the same time, making the area less likely to become worn out.

Onto solid ground

Immediately when you leave the inside and have crossed over, you should be introduced to something earthy. This could be in the way of stone tile flooring. Tough but natural, stone tiles are rugged and they pretty much fit any kind of color scheme and style. They are a timeless classic option and the great thing about this is, stone tiling isn’t that expensive. It's ruggedness also means that it's not that difficult to implement, making it cheaper than pebbles or fitted stone tiles.

Keeping plants either sides in large ceramic vases would be a great touch as again, you should celebrate your patio and keep it remaining a symbolic feature of the home. Don’t keep overly large and leafy plants just outside the patio however, as you don’t want to block the patio door and obstruct vision into the home either.

A nice bench for people to sit on would be great to keep around the edges of the patio. This keeps the center open so as to light a fire or keep as a dining area with an outdoor dining table. The benches can be the run of the mill, metal with cotton cushions or you can have them made from wicker with woollen cushions instead. This gives off the impression that the patio is a place to relax in, and specifically, in a different way than you would inside the home. That's what the patio should be all about.

What comes before, during and after the patio is something that many homeowners and even interior design specialists struggle with. The key thing to keep in mind is that it should be symbolic of your home, where the inside and outside are joined together while respecting the boundaries.

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