Major Backyard Redesigns: Common Concerns Alleviated

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There are a number of backyard additions that can be considered “grand.”  Swimming pools, for example, are eternally popular.  Fountains and hard landscaping can transform a standard suburban garden into an aesthetically-pleasing paradise. Unfortunately, many homeowners shy away from major backyard redesigns such as those mentioned above. Below, we’ll go through the most common concerns people express when considering these projects. Let's move past them, so you can enjoy the garden of your dreams.

Major Backyard Redesigns: Common Concerns Alleviated

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“Won’t hard landscaping impact my home’s value?”

Hard landscaping – where most of the garden aspects of a backyard, such as the lawn, are removed and replaced with stone or concrete options – can be a great choice if you’re looking for low maintenance in your backyard, but many people fear that this will reduce the value of their home. This is especially true if your house is family-friendly; and you want to sell to parents. We all assume they will not want to buy property with landscaping in the backyard.

However, this simply isn’t the case: like you, many parents prefer a low-maintenance garden, where possible. As a result, hard landscaping is highly unlikely to impact your house price and, for certain types of buyers, it may actually prove to be a great selling point.

“Aren’t swimming pools difficult to maintain and repair?”

While swimming pools could not be considered maintenance-free, they are almost certainly far less time-consuming than you are imagining. The ease of cleaning, managing, and repairing a pool depends on its size and the materials used, and there’s plenty of information online that can help you with these requirements; you can check online or search for a specific maintenance issue on YouTube – you’ll almost certainly find a helpful guide that answers any concerns you may experience with your chosen design.

It is also worth considering the fact that while swimming pools can require extra maintenance and repair work, this is balanced by the sheer enjoyment of having access to a pool of your own. Given the convenience, flexibility, and benefits of having a pool, many families find that the need for maintenance is a more than suitable exchange.

“Aren’t fountains expensive in terms of electricity?”

This is a common concern, especially for larger and more elaborate fountains that are suitable centerpieces for your overall design. However, most electric fountains are incredibly energy-efficient, and will usually only require the same amount of power as the average table lamp. It’s important to always check the power consumption of the fountain you are considering, but it is highly unlikely the amount of power used will be concerning.

In conclusion

If you have always been tempted by a grand garden redesign but have shied away from making the change due to the concerns listed above, hopefully, you will now feel comfortable taking the next steps. Major backyard redesigns and features can completely rejuvenate your entire outdoor space, to the benefit of you, your family, and potentially even to the value of your home itself.

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