Garden Farmer: Cultivating Like A Pro

Some of us take gardening so seriously that we are like farmers. Morning, noon or night, the gloves are on and the back is bent making sure all the plants are in good condition. After all, one bad harvest can set the home back a couple of months if you like to grow vegetables and keep livestock.  So, it makes sense to treat the process with respect it deserves. You aren’t a common gardener; you’re a budding garden farmer – cultivating. And, these men and women use multiple tricks of the trade to ensure their produce is the best around.

Garden Farmer: Cultivating Like A Pro

Here are four things you can do to follow their lead.

Focus On Food And Water

architecture farm lawn flower shed cottage backyard garden flowers design yard gardener rural area man made object landscape design outdoor structurePlants need as many nutrients as possible to survive. If they are going to prosper, they need the correct amount at the right time or else they’ll plateau. Therefore, leaving the soil to do its business isn’t a savvy move. Instead, you need to ensure there is enough to go around for everything. Click here to learn more about the types of instruments which can make the job easier, such as sprayers and nozzle tips. Also, don’t forget about mulch and organic compost. If you need to, then add fertilizer to the earth but make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Don’t Get Too Friendly

Keeping livestock is a staple of farm life. You won’t have as many, but there’s nothing wrong with housing a few chickens and rabbits. The rabbit droppings make excellent organic fertilizer for the garden.  The chickens, when out free ranging can also fertilize the garden and eat pesky bugs so they don't eat your garden. They are quite easy to look after as most of them take care of themselves. The only problem is forming a connection – you’ll start to see them as pets. When this happens, it’s almost impossible to send them to the slaughterhouse. The key is to keep your distance and to remember that you have them for a reason: to feed the family, unless you don't intend to eat them, then by all means name them!

Treat It As A Job

The animals are minding their business and the vegetable patch is coming along nicely. In the summer, everything is hunky dory. Things get worse in the winter when the weather turns and the light starts to fade. However, this is a lifestyle choice and not something you can drop at the blink of an eye. The local farm relies on you to ensure everything goes smoothly. So, it’s essential to feed the animals and prune the vegetation even when the rain is pouring down. Farmers do it, and you have to also if you want to be a pro.

Be Vigilant

The industry is always changing and you need to keep up with the latest advancements. Otherwise, life will get quite hard pretty soon. As a result, doing the practical work isn’t the only way to garden like a farmer; you also have to do the theory side. As always, the internet is your best friend because it has a vat of info, but so are fellow farmers. Speaking to them will give you a better insight into how you can maintain your garden farm and get fantastic results.

Do you have what it takes to transform your garden into something spectacular?


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