Are You Making The Most of Your Backyard Space?

Are You Making The Most of Your Backyard Space? covered yard bench swing hampersandhiccups

We spend so much time, effort and money getting our homes the way we want them, but one area that’s often neglected is the outside space. We might put out a couple of pots of flowers during the warmer months and mow the lawn but that’s about it. Your backyard space is a part of your property and should be enjoyed as such, here are some of the best ways to make the most of it.

A place to sit and eat

Backyard space with a patio louge chair with umbrella deck chairs bench landscapingThere’s nothing nicer than eating outside on a warm day. From barbecues and afternoon tea with friends, to dinner with the family. If you don’t already, create a patio area and add an outdoor table and chairs. A patio heater is useful if you want to utilize your garden throughout the autumn, but will also be well used in the summer when the sun goes down it can get a little chilly. So is a nice way to stay warm if your garden parties stretch on throughout the evening.

A garden room

If you’re struggling for space in the home but have a large garden, a garden room is an obvious solution. like these at Shomera. Unlike an extension, these are built independently of the house so can be placed anywhere in the backyard. You don't usually need planning permission and they can be built incredibly quickly. Since they’re insulated and fitted with electricity (and even plumbing if you want to add an en-suite) they function just like a room in the house. Ideal for a study, a spare room or a teenage hangout!

A growing area

The garden is ideal for growing your own crops, and this can be done even in a small space. From a full sized greenhouse to a small lean- to, you can grow plants all year round using something like this. During the warmer months you can grow crops or other plants in open air, it’s a fun and productive hobby and a great way to use your garden.

A water tank

We all know we should be doing our bit for the planet, and using less water is one way to do this. This is because treating and purifying water uses fossil fuels which is bad for the environment. Catching your own rainwater, even if it’s only to reuse on your garden helps you to keep down what you’re using, and means you’re not using cleaned, drinkable water on your garden when rainwater is fine. You can even buy slimline water tanks if your backyard is small. So there’s no excuse not to!

A play area

If your children are small, a designated play area is a nice way to use your garden. You could add a sandpit, some bark chippings and add a swing and seesaw. Be sure to avoid plants that are toxic when eaten, and use all natural pesticides to keep children safe when playing in the garden.

Are you making the most of the space in your backyard?

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