Top Tips On Cleaning Up After Winter

Top Tips On Cleaning Up After Winter dead grass and shrubs after winter that need a clean up hampersandhiccupsIt can be hard to know what the winter will bring, apart from freezing weather, there’s a chance of snow, ice, high winds, storms or it could be blue skies and minus temperatures – who knows. If the worst of winter weather does happen, and it causes your home any damage, you will be cleaning up after winter. Here are some top tips on how to clean up.


Cleaning up after winter bent tree limbs from heavy snowIce can be dangerous so be careful. Use rock salt, ordinary table salt or dishwasher salt – a tablespoon for each square meter you clear should be enough but don’t use the salt found in salting bins as this will be needed to keep the roads clear. If you don’t have enough salt, you can use sand or ash to provide a good grip for anyone walking. Don’t use water to melt the ice; if the temperature is still freezing, the water will freeze and create black ice which is dangerous as its invisible and very slippery.

Your Garden

If winter storms damage your shrubs or trees in your garden, then make sure you clean up by pruning any branches damaged by the winter. Cut back dead leaves and branches so that new growth can take its place. Check everywhere for damage, and be careful of Leylandii conifers which are often common casualties in storms because they are tall leafy trees which catch the wind. If you have tall conifers, perhaps take the tops out once the weather improves and wait for the weather to improve before wheeling your barrow across the damp lawn.


It’s highly likely that things may blow into your garden that does not belong there. If you’ve had snow, then wait for it to melt and see what litter has made it onto your lawn. There’s likely be leaves, pine cones, fallen tree branches, and dog waste that may have ended up on your garden too.


Cleaning up after winter snow on grassIt’s easier to move fresh, loose snow rather than hard snow, so, if you can, start removing the snow the morning after it has fallen. If you can remove the top layer then if the sun comes out later on it will melt any ice underneath, then you can cover the path with salt to stop it refreezing again overnight. If there has been significant snowfall, then you could end up with snow mold on your grass. Just use a leaf rake to remove any dead leaves and allow the lawn to recover.

Water damage

If you’ve experienced any water damage from heavy rain or snow, then make sure you check all your electrical Systems to make sure it’s safe, and nothing has been damaged. Subsequently, you might need to get a Tsurumi trash pump to remove any water and debris that might be leftover.

Get Ready for Spring

Once you’re all cleaned up, you can start prepping for spring so get spring fertilizing to get your garden in tip-top shape for the summer! It will be here before you know it.

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