Useful Tips on Making Easy and Inexpensive Headboards


A bedroom is undoubtedly a special place at our home – we start and finish our day there, we rest there when we are tired and share romantic moments with our partner.

Therefore, it is worth taking thorough care of it and making it as comfortable and beautiful as possible.

It may not be that hard to make your bed pleasant to lie on; for example, you can check out a Lull mattress review and take your sleep quality and relaxation time to a whole new level.

Things get more complicated when it comes to decorating your bedroom – you have to think about what style fits your interior and taste, plan the arrangement, etc.

One of the greatest decorations you can choose is definitely a headboard.

It can significantly improve the room’s decor, no matter what its size is. If you have a small bedroom, it will turn the sleeping area into a special place without taking any additional square footage.

On the other hand, it will emphasize the central spot and fill the empty space in a large interior.

However, when you check the headboards’ prices, you will find out they tend to be pretty expensive. But do not worry, we have a solution for you! We have prepared a list of useful tips on making cheap and easy DIY headboards.

Check it out!

Diamond Design

A diamond-tufted headboard can look really impressive! It seems like a challenging undertaking, but you can make this process much easier with a simple trick. Namely, replace the plywood with a pegboard.

As it has premade holes, you will certainly have fewer difficulties with the assembly – you will save some precious time and effort you would have to waste to drill holes in the wood on your own. And such a headboard will definitely add some luxury to your bedroom!

Woven Flashing

Flashing is mostly associated with a hardware store, but it can be rarely found in our homes. You can change it by creating such a headboard!

Vinyl flashing can creatively be turned into a woven wall hanging. It will add some cottage-chic to your bedroom when applied on a large piece of plywood. Also, it is pretty universal and can take the form of either a king or a twin headboard.

The process of making it is amazingly straightforward, as you can see by checking those instructions.

Wooden Rustic Design

stylish bed with headboard

You can turn a simple wooden board into a stylish decoration with a little determination and creativity. You just need a few power tools, and you can enhance it with a rustic finish that will make your bedroom amazingly elegant.

You can even use stained pallets as your basic material and form a fence-like construction out of them.

If you want this project to get more rustic, you can arrange the boards unevenly in height. When you are ready to hang your finished headboard, you can try layering a larger-scale work of art behind it. In this way, you will achieve the effect of a multidimensional display!

Pillow Project

A headboard can have another purpose apart from just the decorative one – it may provide you with excellent back support while reading a book or watching television in your bed.

Many people do not remember to take care of their resting positions, and for this reason, they end up with back issues when they become older. Therefore, you can prepare an excellent headboard using a pipe, some of your cushions, a needle, a thread, and a few tools like a hammer, an X-Acto knife, nails, and a tape measure.

For detailed instructions, see this tutorial.

Final Thoughts

In order to make your bedroom gorgeous and cozy, you do not have to spend a lot of money or have advanced construction skills. There are many ways to turn this relaxation area into a special place without hurting your home budget too much.

Thanks to such an original decoration, it will be more of your personalized space, and it will look exactly like you want it to.

For example, you can use a wooden board or even join some pallets and achieve a fantastic rustic style decoration.

Apart from that, you can easily prepare your own diamond-tufted design by using a pegboard to avoid drilling holes by yourself. What is more, you can take some of your cushions to prepare a headboard that will provide proper support for your back when you are sitting on your bed.

These are just a few suggestions, and you are free to come up with many more ideas. The sky is the limit!