What Makes a Contemporary Kitchen So Great?

beautiful contemporaty kitchen

With many kitchens that are getting makeovers, many homeowners are leaning toward wanting a contemporary kitchen design. The reasons are simple since these kitchens have a lot to offer.

Here is just a sample of what you'll find in any standard contemporary kitchen design.

Lines that truly define

No matter what size your kitchen may happen to be, the single rule of any contemporary design includes horizontal lines. This is a very effective visual illusion that makes tight spaces appear larger than they appear.

It's also built into the overall design to help make that space functional visually and ergonomically. You'll see plenty of long countertops and cabinet lines running head to head.

Almost as if there's a futuristic race to the finish, this kitchen design is way ahead of its time. The origins of this design stem back all the way to 1926 and originally was labeled The Frankfurt Kitchen.

Believe it or not, America had a major influence that embraced many aspects of the culture and lifestyle of Germany. After all, this was before the Second World War and aspects of German expressionism were quite popular.

One item that every American kitchen was a popular must-have item was the exquisite sets of German-imported plates and flatware. So it only seems fitting that the middle of the roaring 20s' included a unique kitchen design that shaped American sensibilities.

Had it not been for the Wall Street crash of 1929, we may have seen this kitchen design resurface sooner. But that's another story altogether!

Neat and tidy with a purpose

Not too many people in this generation have ever sat down to watch the classic futuristic 1927 film: “Metropolis”, let alone have ever heard of it. Much of the design of this film is set in the future and contains a wide selection of art deco.

What separates these two styles are references to a specific period. Art deco contains elements that appear to be from a long recalled time long ago. Contemporary appears timeless with no physical references.

It has all the features that art deco offers and follows the same concept of clean lines running on horizontal paths. It seems that contemporary kitchens were designed with putting everything into its place.

Nothing let out on the counter that didn't have a special nook built-in. As if, it was always intended to occupy that spot all along. There is no shortage of cabinets that line the walls and counter space areas, making storage more practical.

You can read contemporary kitchens and cabinetry for more on how cabinets help to achieve the desired aesthetics.

Storage solutions you'll love

These days you hear lots of words being thrown around that include modern kitchen design, modern contemporary design, and even green kitchens. But for the most part, contemporary contains many storage applications that save you plenty of space.

The first aspect of this kitchen design is that everything is built into the walls and cabinets. This makes kitchen space appear less chaotic, and it doesn't interrupt natural flowing horizontal lines.

These include every kitchen appliance that's used every day, except you might have to take a closer look to find them. These appliances are so carefully designed into the kitchen furniture that you might need to label where they're hidden.

Except for ovens, microwaves, and sinks, some spaces blend in like a chameleon. You might be surprised to find innovative storage for these everyday items.

Pull-out wine bottle storage

While wine bottles can be attractive to display, the modern kitchen makes this feature less conspicuous. Just like you would see with a pull-out spice rack shelf, the concept of wine rack storage is the same.

Often these shelves can store up to 20 or more bottles on a single rack. The advantage of storing them like this is less likelihood of exposure to sunlight.

Hidden garbage slide-out with flaps

Many portable garbage containers take up space on your kitchen floor. A built-in design that has either a pull-out or slide-out option makes storing your garbage less space-consuming.

You can even incorporate a swinging flap door that's built-into the cabinet design for quick disposal of counter scraps.

Coffee machine nooks

It seems we live in a continual coffee culture that keeps us going all through the day. In a modern kitchen, coffee machines are cleverly built into kitchen cabinets.

In many cases, these cabinet designs are pull-out shelving that contains everything you need to make an instant fresh coffee. When you're done, the whole shelf will slide back into the cabinet.

Hidden pantry shelves

modern kitchen

It used to be that the walk-in pantry had a clear door that shows where it's located. With a contemporary kitchen, these pantries are disguised as kitchen furniture.

Thus, allowing your kitchen to continue the sleek lines that make this room appear larger. A standard pantry door would look out of place if it's not properly disguised.

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