Angelcare vs Owlet Baby Monitors: Which is Best?

Angelcare vs. Owlet Baby Monitors: Which is best?A lot of people out there would give you a thousand and one reasons why you should not get a baby monitor but when it comes to getting that two hours of sleep without your mind running a full marathon at the sound of every cough then a baby monitor is the best way to go.

Staying awake worried running to your baby's crib every 20 minutes isn’t paranoia it’s a legitimate fear. However, even when we are awake, we miss things like a reduction in the heart rate, uneven breathing due to a blocked nose, etc. Now consider when you are fast asleep from a long day of work and care.

Basically, as parents we would do anything to ensure the health and safety of our children and a baby monitor is one tool that goes a long way in doing that.

In this article, we take a deep dive into two baby monitors: Angelcare vs Owlet. Let's start the head to head comparison.

Differences between Angelcare and Owlet Baby Monitors

With a wide array of baby monitors to choose from, ranging from the highly sophisticated tech-based monitors to the simple sturdy mechanism that covers the basics, it is sometimes difficult to choose the perfect baby monitor for you and your child.

With this in mind, we decided to review our top picks from both ends of the spectrum; AngelCare baby monitor and Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor.

Before we go into the critical break down of our two picks, we would start with laying out their major differences

  • Range: The angel care runs on its frequency and permits a wider range between the base unit and the parent unit while the owlet smart sock has a more limited range between the sock and the parent unit.
  • Price: The Angel care baby monitor is a chunk more expensive than the Owlet smart sock
  • Level of information: while the Angel Care gives basic and urgent info the Owlet baby sock covers a wider range of information gathering data from heartbeat to room temperature all for your immediate or later use.
  • Base unit: while the Angel care uses a sensor pad as its base unit the Owlet smart sock uses a digital sock as its base unit.

AngelCare Baby monitor Review

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Over the years, the Angel care baby monitor has evolved, adding more features to improve on the basic idea. Currently, asides the wireless movement-sensor pad which is the primary base unit the Angel care baby monitor also supports a video monitor as well as providing two-parent monitors so you can always keep tabs on your baby’s health.

The angel Care baby monitor works by sensing movements in your baby's crib, installed beneath your baby's mattress the sensor pad is highly sensitive to even the slightest movements that your baby makes. If no movement is detected after 20 seconds the alarm would go off alerting you to a possible problem that might need your urgent attention.

When installing your sensor pad two things would notify you that you have installed your baby monitor correctly: a TIC sound and a green flash on the parent unit. However, your baby's mattress must be the standard size otherwise the sensor pad wouldn’t install properly. It is also advisable for you to get a thin piece of flat wood to lay the baby monitor on. It is not efficient to set the sensor pad directly on the crib’s bunk.


  • Very affordable
  • Reads room temperature and sends to the parent unit
  • More advanced models offer video monitoring
  • Wide range: between rooms, across floors and sometimes ranging outside the house the angel care baby monitor got you covered. There is an out of range alarm feature if the parent monitor is out of the sensor pads range


  • Poor battery life as well as long charge time
  • Occasionally gives false alarms.

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When it comes to high-end cutting-edge baby monitors the owlet smart sock is at the apex. Utilizing clinically tested Pulse Oximetry technology the owlet smart sock keeps track of almost every single detail of your baby's health. From heart rate to oxygen level the smart sock gives an accurate read.

It is quite easy to use and install. You simply put the sock on your baby's foot and all the readings are sent via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the main base. The main base collects this data and notifies you if anything seems off.

There are four types of color-based notifications that the home base sends out. Each color signals a different type of state or threat

  • Green: everything is fine you can keep sleeping for a few more hours.
  • Red: there is something wrong that needs your immediate attention. It could be anything from your baby's heart rate to the oxygen level. Whatever the case, it is a signal to rush to your baby's aid.
  • Blue: there is something wrong with your connection. You can calmly troubleshoot how to figure it out. No E.R gymnastics needed here.
  • Yellow: the sock is faulty or no longer on your baby’s foot. 


  • A downloadable app which helps you keep track of your baby's vital signs anytime and anywhere
  • Video quality: if you decide to go the extra mile and install its video monitors you would be able to watch your baby sleep anywhere anytime in HD video quality
  • Long battery life
  • Keeps track of your baby's vitals
  • Has a broad range of signs and alarms


  • Slightly more expensive than the average baby monitor
  • Suffer from interference from other devices especially when you set it up with the general Wi-Fi.

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What happens if my baby outgrows the Owlet Smart Sock?

Luckily the Owlet smart sock comes in three sizes so as your baby grows you can pop out the bigger size from the box. You don’t have to force the small socks to fit or fear that the sock is too big to read accurately. With the strap and the multiple sizes, there is a perfect fit for your baby at every age 

Are baby monitors easy to use?

Yes, most baby monitors especially our two picks are user-friendly and straight forward. A brief read through their short user manual should get you acquainted with the device.

How long does it take for baby monitors to charge?

Depending on your choice, charging your baby monitor can span from 3-6 hours and last between 7-9 hours. The golden rule is to acquire a baby monitor that charges quickly and more importantly can last through the night.

Why purchase a baby monitor when I can have my baby sleep on my bed?

The dangers of sleeping on the same bed with your baby rather than placing him/her in a crib are numerous. From scratches from your adult nails to your baby rolling out of bed and let's not forget the common accident of a parent sleeping on a newborn baby.

In all your baby is much safer in a crib with a baby monitor than between you and your spouse in a king-size bed.


We did a detailed look at the AngelCar vs Owlet baby monitors. The AngelCare monitor and the Owlet are different in a lot of ways. However, they have something in common, they are both excellent baby monitors. Therefore, you are safe for choosing any of them. If you are more technically inclined and want to know every detail of every minute of your baby's existence then the Owlet smart sock is the baby monitor for you.

On the other hand, if the assurance that your child is safe and healthy is enough to keep your mind at rest. Then don’t bother musing on every detail and go with the Angel care baby monitor.

It all comes down to what works best for you. Nevertheless, when it is all said and done the more advanced and, in more ways than one better baby monitor is the Owlet smart sock.

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