6 Easy Sewing Projects to Make for Baby

6 easy diy sewing projects to prepare for baby. Great scrap busters. Perfect little projects for that awesome nesting phase

6 Easy Sewing Projects to Make for Baby pregnant woman's hands around her tummy on baby bump hampersandhiccups

Check out these six easy sewing projects to make for baby. These can help you pass the time while waiting for baby to arrive and can save you money and be made with the fabric that you love!

1.  Basic Zipper Pouch

Easy sewing projects to make for baby zipper pouch coin purse seekatesewThis is a great pouch to have in the hospital bag.  It could hold an insurance or medical card and some money for food.  Try to make it easily accessible for your husband to grab when he needs to run and eat while you are laboring.

They are also great for all those little cosmetics in your purse, feminine hygiene products, cloth wipes, spray & bum cream, and also make great gifts.

Probably the most technical of all these tutorials in this post because of the zipper.  Yes, they're intimidating, but just go for it.  You may have to rip it out a few times, but you'll love this pouch so much it will be worth it.  Plus, you'll be a pro by the end! You could make more of these basic zipper pouches in various sizes as gifts.

2.  Easy DIY Nursing Pads

Easy sewing projects to make for baby reusable nursing breastfeeding padsCheck out my own tutorial on Nursing Pads.  I have made these to sell on Etsy as well as for my own use. They are super easy to whip up and they make a great gift.  They're really soft and absorbent too!  And, yay for being eco-friendly!  Nursing pads are a great scrap-buster project, as well.

3.  Easy Tote Bag

Easy sewing projects to make for baby tote bag with pocket This easy tote bag is great as a secondary bag to take to the hospital.  It is also nice to take to all those doctor appointments before the baby is born. It can hold like magazines, iPod, water bottles and snacks.  It can also be used as a diaper bag when you only need a few items with you for a quick outing.

4.  Easy DIY Toothbrush Travel Pouch

Easy sewing projects to make for baby toothbrush travel pouch roll upThis is perfect to keep in your hospital bag to grab quickly when you get a shower or bathroom break! After baby arrives, you can take it with you on vacations. It is very quick and easy to make – only 5 stitches!  You'll be glad you made a toothbrush travel pouch.  It will come in handy throughout your life!

5.  Minky blanket for Baby

Easy sewing projects to make for baby minky blanket tutorial from loganberryhandmade on EtsyThis one is not a free pattern, but it is not very expensive and so worth it! You want to wrap your baby in extreme softness and this is the way to do it! With this minky blanket from Etsy vendor loganberryhandmade, you will be the envy of other new mothers. This makes for a great gift for showers as well as a Baby's first birthday or Smash Cake Party gift for a one year old. It may become his/her favorite lovey.

6.  Easy DIY Cloth Wipes

Easy sewing projects to make for baby handmade baby wipe with llamas wearing hats and scarvesFor the final preparing for baby tutorial, I'll show you how to make some cute and easy cloth wipes.  They're great for anyone using cloth diapers, or just trying to be a little more eco-friendly. This tutorial shows 2 different ways to make cloth wipes – one with a serger, the other with a zigzag stitch.  I personally prefer the serged edge and find it easier, but not everyone has a serger. I love the cute llamas on the cloth wipe in this picture. These fold in half and fit inside a standard baby wipes container.

Have you already tried one or more of these tutorials?  How did they turn out?  Tried 'em all?  Which is your favorite? 

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