Why Quality of Sleep is Important for Any Mother

Becoming a new mother can be a very chaotic time. You will notice that your sleep quality and regulatory takes a nosedive, as does your ability to relax as you become more and more attentive to the life of brand new little human. Worrying about a million things at once is stock in trade for a new mother and father. This is fine of course, because any worry or sleepless night is repaid over a thousand times in having a bundle of love to call your own. It truly is a special experience like no other.

However, that doesn’t mean neglecting your peace of mind and sleep is something advisable. It’s not necessarily a complete requirement every single day in order to enjoy and look after your child well. Sometimes, it pays to be smart, and self-care is always smart. Now, you might be reading this thinking ‘well that’s easy for you! Am I supposed to tell my infant baby to stop waking me up?’ Well, of course not. However, what you can do is improve the quality of your sleep.

This is how:

Change Your Mattress

Your ease of falling asleep isn’t only dictated by how well you are able to relax without any interruption from your child. Having the right equipment to do so is also paramount, and a mattress could be considered the most important sleeping equipment you can buy. You can sleep with relatively old or damaged pillows, duvets and bedsheets, but you should try satin sheets if you have the money.. It’s not advisable, but you can. Sleeping on a bad or painful mattress will reduce your sleeping hours and the comfort of those more so than a thousand babies under your care ever could.

Improving your mattress is important then, but how should you do this? Which one is right for you?  It could be that a memory foam serves you well, or another premium innerspring offering. Whatever you choose, make sure it helps you sleep well. The quality of your snoozing will improve as a result, meaning that five to six hours of sleep a night are not met with as dizzying a morning response as we’re all used to.


Sleeping, like most things, requires you pay attention to preparing for it. This means dressing in hygienic clothes dedicated for your bedtime hours. It means regularly washing your bedsheets. It means making sure that your room is well ventilated, by either lightly opening and securing a window or keeping on a fan for white noise. If you live in a noisy environment, it might mean placing a single memory foam earplug so your baby monitor is still within perfect earshot. It could mean telling your overly snoring husband to resolve his problem through exercising, losing weight and potentially seeing a doctor.

Preparing for a great night's sleep is as important as having one, so be sure there’s nothing that can come between you and your peaceful time, aside from your child. Try to download a sleep app in order to truly understand your sleep cycles and how to effectively improve them.

Before long you’ll be maximising the quality of sleep you get, making the most of a bad situation.

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