Your Definitive Guide to Hiring a Plumber in an Emergency

hiring an emergency plumber

There are many things that can construe as a plumbing emergency, it’s all a matter of perspective.

For instance, your hot water heater packing up is a pain and will cause you some issues.

But, it’s not necessarily an emergency, it simply needs fixing as soon as possible.

However, a leak of any sort can be described as an emergency. If left untreated it can flood your home, which will mean an insurance claim and a lot of hard work restoring your home.

In this situation, you need to identify the valve that will shut the water off to the leaking pipe or appliance.

If you can’t find or don’t have one, you’ll need to shut off the main supply valve. You’ll then have no water which is definitely an emergency.

Be Prepared

The best approach is to consider a reputable Sydney plumber today such as  and have them on standby as your emergency plumber.

This saves you the hassle of trying to locate a plumber when you have an issue.

You should speak to friends and family regarding who they use for plumbing work and if they think they are good or not.

Identifying a good plumber should be straightforward. However, if you have any doubts then you can always take a look at social media.

You’ll find an abundance of reviews concerning any business. Some of these will be negative but the majority should be positive, reinforcing your decision.

It’s also a good idea to get your chosen plumber to do an annual inspection of your plumbing.

This won’t just help to prevent issues from happening. It will create a relationship that will make them more eager to help you in an emergency.

Check Your Local Listings

If you don’t already have a plumber lined up or they are unavailable, you’ll want to check your local listings.

You can do this online as it’s rare to find an old-fashioned phone book.

You’ll find a list of plumbers that are available in an emergency, how to contact them, and they may even show their availability.

Call the first one and go from there.

If you prefer to have your own plumber deal with the issue then simply get the emergency plumber to bypass the problem and leave the water on for the rest of your home.

Check Them

plumber with wrench

When the plumber arrives at your home it's very important that you verify their identity and that they are properly registered and insured.

They should have their paperwork with them.

If they don’t and are not prepared to go and get it, they are not the right plumber for you.

Although you may be eager to get the job done, if they’re not properly registered and insured, they may damage your plumbing further and leave you unable to claim for the damage

Don’t forget, you should always consider whether the plumbing issue is really an emergency or whether you can wait and have it seen in standard hours.

The emergency call-out rate is usually high.

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