Creating a Cozy Living Space for a Long and Cold Winter

Creating A Cozy Living Space For Winter dog wrapped in a cozy blanket hampersandhiccups

Now that autumn is here and winter is just around the corner, we all are starting to look forward to the celebration seasons of the year and all of the things which come along with that. The house will likely start to get a little more cozy as blankets make their way into the chairs and candles start to burn through the evenings, and it is the ideal excuse for a movie marathon with your family on a cold night. If you want to create a cozy living space for winter, here is what you can do.

Creating A Cozy Living Space For Winter

Install new doors

Cozy Living Space For Winter house with snow around it

The first thing you can think about doing with the conservatory space is to install some new doors with someone like a sliding glass patio door company to make the space feel fresh and new and to also give you the perfect viewing opportunity to the outside of the house. This can be a great way to add more light and to make you feel more connected with nature even when you are inside in the warmth of the living room.

Add vertical blinds

Vertical blinds should be the first thing you think about bringing into this small space when it comes to covering the windows up. Chunky curtains don’t suit a small living space because they will often overpower everything else in the room and end up taking up all of the space. Vertical blinds can be opened and slid out-of-the-way during the day and they are super easy to clean because they won’t hold onto dirt like horizontal blinds do.

Bring in some fairy lights

When it comes to decorating your living space this autumn, and getting ready for the the harsh winter, there are a lot of things you can do to make the space feel more magical and cozy for the colder season. One of these things is to hang up some solar powered fairy lights from the ceiling and let them hang above like a sky full of stars. At night when you are sitting there relaxing, they will come on and twinkle all evening without using batteries or a plug.

Energy efficient

When winter is coming and summer is over we are much more likely to stay in the house and use up our electricity as well as the heating for hot baths and to keep the house toasty. To make sure you don’t spend far too much money, it might be worth looking for a new energy efficient heater as well as think about motion sensing lights which will turn themselves off if you leave the room.

In the meantime, check with your power company to see what kind of programs or rebates they offer. Or, your state may offer a deregulated electricity market like in Texas where you have the power to choose and potentially save money with more choices in the electrical provider marketplace.

Add insulation

Have you got enough insulation in your walls, floors and ceiling? If you haven’t now is the ideal time for you to do so. Think about insulating or adding insulation as needed to as much of the house as possible and this will stop any heat from being able to escape when it is cold outside. It will save money on heating and allow you to feel cozy and warm all winter.

Make it cozy

When you come to decorating the home for the winter you will always want to add in some cozy elements and really let yourself be warm during the winter period. For example you can think about bringing in some soft furnishings such as big cushions and throws or blankets for the seats as well as adding some candles for warmth and light and a lamp for the evenings when you don’t want to have the full light on in the room. This will all serve to make the space feel super cozy and comfy for everyone in the family over the winter.

Bring in the family

A house isn’t a home without having your family here with you. If you want to keep the home cozy and comfy for the winter you need to have family there to share it with. Make a cozy space with lots of seats, blankets and comfy spots for everyone to cuddle up under on cold nights. Spending the winter evenings with the people you love is the best feeling in the world and when you have a cozy home to do it in, you’ll be happy for the whole winter.

There are lots of amazing ways you can bring some warmth and coziness into the home this year and make the living room feel like the true heart  and soul of the house, so have some fun and make the ultimate warm and cozy den for you and your family to enjoy for the whole season.

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