Cheap DIY Home Projects


Let's be honest the ongoing pandemic made us spend much more time at home than ever. Should we be depressed because of that? Definitely not.

Now you have enough time to decorate your place and complete home projects you have been postponing for years.

Moreover, decorating your home doesn't mean draining your wallet. You can create incredible designs with things you already have around your house! All you need is a little bit of creativity.

You can make your home look amazing with some of our affordable ideas. Check our tips below to find out more.

Personalized Front Entrance

Make your entrance more fun! This part of your house is what the guest sees first. If you want to make the right impression simply spice it up by adding some color.

Change your door’s style by using bolder colors for a unique composition. ‘Painting your doors and gutters with the same color can significantly improve the look of your entrance' say specialists from

Lastly, add some decorations! Flowers should make the front of your house more welcoming. You can always customize your pots by simply polishing them and applying a couple of layers of your favorite paint.

Pallet Furniture

Have you ever dreamed of a cozy outdoor corner where you could invite some friends? Pallets might be a perfect solution for creating relaxation spots in your garden.

Most of the designs don't require a lot of tools. All you have to do is follow one of the tutorials available online, choose the spot for your new DIY furniture and add some stunning pillows.

You can hang some waterproof string lights to create an unforgettable atmosphere in a newly furnished place.

Stunning Knobs

Do you know there is a magical way to refresh your furniture in less than 5 minutes? You need to simply swap out your old boring knobs for more original options.

Designers recommend pairing vibrant furniture with toned knobs in order to enhance the color. You can use subtle crystal knobs or metal ones available in many compelling shades.

If you have furniture in neutral colors, consider spicing it up with bright choices. Replacing knobs will not only save your time but also help you stay on your budget.

Renovate Your Furniture

Another affordable but a bit more time-consuming way to improve your interior is by renovating your old furniture.

Besides using paint, you can also try to cover it with interesting patterns. Simply look for contact paper or vinyl wallpaper in preferable undertones to change your furniture unrecognizably.

We all don't find yellow discolored plastic at the door of our white fridge appealing.

You can get rid of this common problem by using this type of wallpaper for covering your old appliances such as the dishwasher or fridge.

Faux Marble Countertops

Marbles are beautiful yet pricey materials for countertops, instead of spending thousands of pounds on a piece of rock, create your own instead!

Here is all you need to make your countertop look splendid:

  • white primer for glossy surfaces
  • grey paint
  • sea sponge
  • little stir sticks
  • bristle paint brush
  • painter's tape
  • furniture lacquer
  • white countertop

Prepare your countertop before painting. Clean the surface and apply the white primer for a glossy effect. Next start painting by dripping your sea sponge in grey paint.

Then dab it on and use a feather to create a marble-like effect. Once the surface is dry, apply the furniture lacquer to protect the design.

This one day project can help you achieve spectacular results of your kitchen makeover!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a budget-friendly option to make your home look more stylish. This type of decoration can be a perfect way to make your bedroom or living room more aesthetically pleasing.

Simply attach the shelves to the chosen part of the wall. Try painting it in neutral and subtle colors for a minimalistic look.

Wall Art


Wall art can significantly change your interiors. Print your favorite pictures, add some fancy frames and place it on your empty wall. Your imagination is the only limit!

Don't hesitate to experiment a little. Create a wall full of memories or simply designs you adore the most.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your surroundings when self-isolating plays a crucial role in keeping your mental health in good condition.

Improve a few things to make your home office experience more pleasing and less stressful. None of us likes to work in a messy environment.

That is why taking proper care of your home during the pandemic should be one of your priorities.

Most DIY projects are not only for making your interior look more appealing, but they can be practical as well! Be creative, make yourself feel better and you will forget about the outside world at least for a while.

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