Boppy Chair vs Bumbo Training Seat Reviewed: March 2020 Comparison

Having a growing child can feel like a two-way lane. On one hand, you are excited about all the milestones they are achieving daily; on the other hand, you are constantly worried about their safety. Balancing these lanes comes with experience, and the right support in terms of baby accessories.

Top of the milestones in a child’s development is sitting. Not only does it free up your arms from being the daily carrier, but it also helps you interact better with your infant as a member of the table, not just an addition on someone’s arm. While different children show different signs in readiness to sit, some constant factors will help you know that it is time to get a training seat for your child.

The ‘when’ is entirely your decision to make, but when you do decide that it is time, you have to get the best seat for your child. To help you celebrate the milestone of your child sitting as uprightly as a child can, and encourage continuous development, we have conducted a head to head comparison of the Boppy chair vs the Bumbo Training Seat – both of which are top manufacturers of childcare products.

Main Differences between Boppy Chair vs Bumbo

We have established that both products have been designed to provide comfortable seating for your growing child, and that is a similarity, but let us quickly run through the differences which set them apart.

  • Adjustability: The Bumbo Training Seat is attachable to most furniture but, unlike the Boppy chair, it is not foldable. Parts of the Bumbo seat, like the tray and foam seat, can be removed, but most of it is fixed. Whereas, the entire Boppy chair can be folded easily for portability.
  • Usability: The Boppy chair was designed as a floor seat and a table seat, depending on the stage your child is at. The Bumbo Training Seat is more like a booster seat for anything the occasion calls for.
  • Additional features: The Boppy chair has a handle for carrying the seat and that makes it extra portable. In comparison, the Bumbo Training Seat offers a solid design to prompt your child’s development, with two different height settings for big and small

Despite these differences, the two chairs do have some similarities other than being training seats for an infant or young child. Their designs will help you to efficiently start feeding your child from a kiddie tray or play with most of their toys while going about the business of your day. Also, the chairs have been designed to help increase the spinal strength of your child while providing room for leg space and comfort.

The point of this comparison is to discover where the best option lies between two similar, yet distinctly different training seats. For you to make your conclusions, you need to have adequate information, and this is why we are packed with all the in-depth and out details.

Boppy Chair Review

Boppy Baby Chair, Elephant Walk, Gray

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The Boppy baby chair is a three-point harness training seat for babies. It comes with chair attachment straps that convert it from floor seat to table seat without any stress. It is made with a soft, wipe down cover that makes cleaning a walk in the park, which is ideal as young children tend to be very messy.

The structure of this baby chair can be easily folded down for portability which means you can optimize the space in your living area. It also comes with a detachable tray that can be used for the baby’s meals or toys to engage the baby while you handle chores, or get active some other way.


  • This chair has a range of uniquely designed covers that can be bought separately to add a dash of color.
  • The tray that comes with the chair is dishwasher safe so you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning up.
  • It is easy to clean, with a wipe down material for the seat in case of spills or dirt, in general.
  • You can use this chair for children between 3 months and 1 year of age.
  • The bottom of the chair is skid-proof, which means that it doesn’t slip or glide. It is very sturdy and that is important for training children.
  • You can use the chair as a floor seat, or a booster seat. It can also be attached to any chair with the adjustable straps.
  • The Boppy baby chair can be folded and has a handle which makes it very easy to carry around.


  • It comes in different, beautiful designs
  • It provides maximum comfort
  • It is foldable and very portable
  • It has a removable tray (dishwasher safe)
  • It is very easy to clean


  • The straps aren’t well-positioned

Customer sentiments

The satisfactory level of customers who have used/ are using the Boppy baby chair seems to be very high. Parents are delighted at the quality of the material and comfort that babies get from the chair. Another reoccurring comment was the portability of it, and how it was perfect for all types of parents, in all spaces.

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Bumbo Training Seat Review

Bumbo Multi Seat, Converts Into Booster Seat and High Chair - Cool Grey

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This is an adjustable-height training seat that accommodates the legs of any child by creating more space with two height options. It features a multi-seat which can be used to train the baby as a floor seat or strapped to a regular chair. It can also be used as a booster seat. The design of this seat comes with a detachable tray that can be slid into a part of the seat to create more room for the child to play.

The chair has a foam that can be used for smaller babies and removed for use by toddlers who do not need the cushion and can sit unaided. Also, the buckles for strapping the child on the seat can be kept in slots by either side of the seat. This gives a very modern design to the seat that is unique.


  • The Bumbo Training Seat is designed to offer more legroom with height adjustment options which makes it an excellent choice for growing children.
  • It has a Three-point harness which helps you keep your baby safe, especially children who can sit unaided.
  • The seat is very easy to clean because of its smooth surface.
  • It can be used to train babies between 6 to 36 months (3 years old), who can sit up without help, though wobbly.


  • Modern design gives it a compact look for multiple features and multi-use.
  • The ground height is adjustable and gives more space.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The buckles tend to break easily.
  • The detachable tray is not easy to detach.

Customer sentiments

Several of the reviews seemed to be split across the delight of having a multifunctional seat, and an easy-to-use one at that.

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When should I get a seat?

Child development, although with universal standards, may differ between children. Therefore, there is no particular period when it is ‘perfect’ to train your child to seat. They would make natural attempts, and once you notice those attempts, it is only right to help them along by getting a training seat that works.

Do the holster lengths matter?

While most people do not take note of the holster length, it is very important. Your baby may be bigger than most, but that doesn’t mean you should have straps digging into your child’s skin. The age bracket for each seat gives you an idea for the seat to get. If your 3 months old baby is chubby, then you may want a seat that is durable for a 6 months old too, just to avoid hurting your child.

Can the seat fit in my car?

No. The foldable seat can be placed but the straps won’t be durable for car use. It is best to invest in a car seat that can give you all the safety assurance you need as a parent or guardian. Using a training seat as a car seat is not as cost-effective as it may seem. You would only be risking your child’s life.


These two seats were designed to cater to the child’s needs as they learn to seat. At this basic level, both of the seats fulfill demand perfectly. However, their differences are what set them apart. The Bumbo Training Seat has the removable foam seat feature, which is ideally used for younger children who are still somewhat wobbly while sitting, and learning to sit. When the foam is removed, it is perfect for older children who can sit unaided. The seat itself cannot be folded, only having some of its parts as detachable. This means that it would always be taking up so much space. Despite this, it is still a practical option because it can cater to your child from infancy to early childhood, as high as 3 years old.

Boppy baby chair, on the other hand, is completely foldable and the material can be simply wiped down for cleaning, so it saves you time. Also, the material used in making the chair is as soft as it is sturdy. The chair has adjustable straps that make it ideal as a floor seat, booster or table seat. However, these straps aren’t in the best position (design-wise) and that can be a problem when using it as a floor seat.

In conclusion, after reviewing these products in head to head Boppy chair vs Bumbo comparison, taking note of their separate flaws and lapses, we can come to a non-bias verdict. The best training seat for your child is the Boppy baby chair.

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