Bathroom Makeovers: Helpful Tips and Advice to Ensure Quality

Bathroom makeovers

Bathroom makeovers are very popular, especially with the growing needs of homeowners. This is one project that most people look forward to doing for many reasons.

Here are some helpful tips and advice on how to ensure quality in your bathroom and make it amazing.

1. Linear drains

Linear drains serve a variety of functions, and they can serve you well if you're remodeling your bathroom. These types of drains not only look good but will also help with water flow in your shower or tub.

You can even use them to create a unique design for your bathroom. You'll need to figure out how large or small you want your drain to be so that it fits the space properly. It needs to match up with the size of the drain opening in the bottom of the tub or shower floor.

Also, think about where the drain will be going so that it meets your needs and coordinates with the rest of your bathroom design. There are many types of drains on the market today, so the safest bet is to visit a website of any manufacturer and see what type of linear drain is the best for your bathroom.

Some have single holes for water flow, while others have multiple holes if you're looking for more water pressure in your shower or tub.

2. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of designs and colors. It is very possible to find one that will match the color scheme of your bathroom.

Make sure you measure properly before you go shopping for ceramic tiles. You need to make sure you have enough tiles in case some are broken when they arrive, or you can't fit all of them on your countertop or floor if they're too big.

Also, think about the space you want the tiles to cover and try not to cut off anything with a tile saw because cutting ceramic tiles is quite hard.

The layout is very important too because once these are stuck down with adhesive it becomes difficult to remove them without breaking some in the process.

For most people, it is best not to attempt this type of project unless they have done it before, so seek help if needed.

3. Cabinets and vanity tops

You can find cabinets in many styles for your bathroom bath vanities, basins, and even wardrobes if you like to hang clothes in the bathroom.

There are also a variety of cabinet materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, and more available on the market today.

The vanity top is usually made from ceramic or stone, which gives it a beautiful look and makes it last longer than other materials because they don't absorb water easily.

Ceramic and stone also come in a variety of colors, so finding one that matches your tiles won't be difficult either.

4. Lighting fixtures & fittings

Lighting fixtures and fittings help to illuminate the bathroom. This is very important, so you can see properly in your bathroom, especially if it's a wet environment.

There are many types of lighting available, and you need to determine how much light you want and where you'll be putting them in your bathroom.

You may even want to use recessed lights for better illumination with built-in speakers, which come in handy when relaxing at the end of a long day.

Some bathrooms just have one main light which sits above the mirror, but there is usually more than one switch so that there is enough light for everyone or perhaps ones that turn on automatically when they sense movement in the room.

They also make LED lights now, which are great for energy-saving and don't produce heat.

5. Showerheads

Showers are a very important part of any bathroom design. The showerhead emits water, which will help you clean yourself or wash your hair.

There are many styles available to choose from that will accentuate your bathroom decor too. Some have an arm extending out to where you can adjust it so that there is enough pressure for every person who uses it.

You can also get ones with multiple showers nozzles if more than one person prefers their water pressure differently, so they don't all need to use the same nozzle.


6. Toilets

The toilet flushes waste away and is another vital part of any bathroom. You can choose from pressure-assisted, close-coupled, and concealed cistern toilets.

All are easy to clean, but it is best to check with your plumber on which type would be best for you since they all have different pros and cons.

A close-coupled toilet has the cistern connected directly to the bowl or pan of the toilet, while pressure-assisted ones have separate components.

Concealed cisterns are built into cupboards or walls, so they're quite difficult to reach if something goes wrong with them.

7. Mirrors, pipes, and fixtures

Mirrors are very important in any bathroom because they make it look bigger and brighter too. You can place them above the sink or on a single wall if you don't have much space.

It's best to measure where you want them to be so that they fit perfectly against the tiles. Some bathrooms just have small, square mirrors which work well for smaller spaces, but large ones suit spacious bathrooms better.

A variety of plumbing fixtures should be used in your bathroom. They come in different shapes and sizes, so there is always one available that will suit your bathroom.

The type of sink you choose, for example, will depend on your personal preference, but there are pedestal, farmhouse, and wall-mounted sinks which all have their own pros and cons.

Some sinks just have one tap hole, while others can accommodate two or three to make it easier when washing hands in the dark.

Why are bathroom makeovers necessary?

As you can see from the above, bathroom makeovers are very important because they will ensure that your bathroom has enough storage for all your items, and it looks great too.

This gives a fresh look to the bathroom, which makes it more enjoyable to be in.

Why not take a step ahead and go for a vintage based bathroom decor (see examples). It will be unorthodox but you will feel like a king in your home.

There are many ways you can customize your bathroom and makeovers will help you get the results you want because everything from lighting, plumbing fixtures, tiles, wall colors, and additional accessories will fit perfectly together to give your bathroom a new look.

These are just a few tips that you can follow when making over your bathroom. Once the makeover is complete, be sure to renovate your home by replacing your old electrics and fixtures too.

Inspect regularly for any problems with taps, showers, basins, or toilets, and you will have a beautiful bathroom you can enjoy relaxing in.

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