LED Lights: 4 Ways You Can Use Them to Improve Your Home Lighting

led lights for your house

There are some things that you simply cannot do without, but sometimes take for granted. Light is very important in our daily life, whether it is artificial or natural sunlight. Light has evolved very much since the times they could only use fire and candles at night and rely on sunlight in the morning, to the numerous types of lighting we have today. One popular type is led lights. Led lights can be used in various ways to improve your home lighting, and here’s how.

1. Accent Lighting

LEDs are tiny little lights that require much less energy and are much more durable than normal lights. They come in many different shapes, and they emit much less heat than normal bulbs, making it possible to add them basically anywhere. One of the many ways you can use lead lights is as accent lights. Combining different colors of led lights and adding some here and there can totally transform how a room looks.

Accent lighting is when you add lights under objects or behind them, and they create this gorgeous, elegant vibe to any plain or simple area. For example, try adding led lights under your couch, along with your bar or countertop, behind curtains, drawings, or frames.

Using different colors like pink, blue, and white for each of the mentioned examples will give your house a very different, disco-like vibe. This method is very popular nowadays. You can use custom-color changing LED bulbs or light strips or even opt for colorful neon light sources that can come in pretty much any shape, like a sports or sneaker neon light to bring a sense of fun to your space.

2. Corridor and Under Cabinet Lightings

There are many areas that you simply neglect, or they just don’t cross your mind when you think about ways to improve your home. Every inch of your home can be used to make your house look more beautiful and detailed, especially those areas you ignore. Focusing a little on the neglected areas in your house will definitely make them look much more attractive and seem like a focal point of the house, meaning that people will notice every detail of every inch of the house when looked at.

For example, one much-neglected part of the house is cabinets. Almost no one ever thinks about adding any accessories to cabinets and no one ever tries to fancy them up. Installing led lights below your kitchen cabinet will make your kitchen much more bright and big. You can install the color-changing led lights for an extra edge. Another one of the most neglected parts of the house is corridors or passageways.

Corridors basically link every room and area of the house together. They are the one place that has to almost be entered by every person that visits you. Adding led lights to the ceiling, corners, and edges of the corridors will make them look more noticeable and fancy. By making the corridor look fancy, you make every room or area connected by that corridor look fancy.

3. Motion Sensing and Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lightings

The addition of led lights anywhere and everywhere gives a more glamorous and effort-like look to that room. However, you might be someone who doesn’t want to add led lights the same way everybody else does by using accent lighting. One very unique way to add led lights to your house is to have motion-sensing lighting. Instead of having a bright light shine all over your closet, try adding little led lights behind the clothes. Pair those led lights with motion sensors to get this unique, very elegant, and chic vibe in your closet. You can also do this in your baby’s room by adding soft led lights beneath the crib with motion sensors. This way, when you open the door, the lights are turned on, and you can see your baby without having to light up the very bright light bulbs and disturb their sleep. You can click here to find out more about the types of led lights to use. Choose whatever colors you prefer but make sure they fit the theme or other colors in the room. Adding led lights to your bathroom is just the perfect addition to your home. You can add white led lights in your bathroom by aligning them with your mirror. This gives a much flattening look, and it is very accurate to the natural light outside. You can make the led lighting of the bathroom motion sensing as well so that it lights up whenever you step in, but it is not the best option because if you stop moving, the bathroom will go dark.

4. Home Theatre Lighting

No matter how much technology evolves, a theatre experience will always be special. Nobody dislikes theatre vibes, and, by the use of led lights, you can very simply add that vibe to your home. Led lights have this incredible feature, which is the ability to change color. Adding those color-changing led lights to your living area where your TV screen sits is just the trick you need. Add led lights behind your TV or line them to the corners of your ceiling, and they will give off those luminous cinema vibes. A very odd place to add led lights that will help you pull off the cinema vibe theme is the stairs. When it comes to lighting, everyone seems to forget about the stairs. Shining a light on your stairs is a very unique way to improve your house’s looks using only lighting. Doing so will make your stairs pop out and look like a very fancy part of your home. Add lights along the banister if you have one to illuminate the space.

The mentioned ways that you can use led lights in your house are only a few of the ways to use led lights. There’s a variety of different types of led lights that you can choose from, and they come in many beautiful and different colors. In general, adding led lights will add more definition, good vibes, and a bright look to your entire house. You can mix and match between the ways mentioned in this article to find the perfect addition for your home. Your beautifully lit home will be the envy of the neighborhood and your friends.

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