Scared of Springing a Leak During a Bathroom Redo?

In the home, the bathroom gets the worst rep.  Despite the fact it’s one of your most often used rooms, you probably don’t think about it much. But, renovations here always rank high when it comes to increasing value. What’s more, remodeling in the right way could ensure this room suits your needs. And, that’s sure to make everyone in the house happy.

Even better, most bathroom renovations are easy enough to do yourself. This isn’t like the kitchen. There, you’d have to worry about knocking down walls and dealing with electricity. Here, all you’ll need to navigate are your water pipes. Lucky for you, making sure you don’t spring a leak during bathroom renovation is easier than you might think. And, we’re here to prove the point. All you need to do is read on for the leak-free improvement of your dreams.

Turn to professionals

If you’re concerned, you could turn to professionals for the water-based aspects of your renovation. This doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds to get someone to do everything. But, you could get a plumber in to install your new bath or shower. That way, your side of the renovation won’t involve water at all. And, that’s sure to work in your favor. If you do fancy giving that stuff a go, you could still turn to a company who offer home inspection services instead. That way, you can get an idea of any plumbing issues to look out for before you start. Then, you can make sure to avoid your pipes and keep progress flowing. Or not, as it were…

Never forget to turn off the water

When you’re working with plumbing in any way, you should always turn off your water supply at the mains. Otherwise, you’re just asking for leaks. To make sure that doesn’t happen, turn off before you start. A quick search online will show you how. Most times, a water stop valve should be either near your meter or under your sink. In the majority of cases, stopping the water will be as simple as turning that valve clockwise. Bear in mind that you’ll need to remember this each day you’re doing plumbing work.

Let everyone in your house know

It’s also crucial you let everyone in the house know what’s going in. In most cases, it won’t impact you even if they do flush the loo. But, if your water tank was full when you switched the supply off, there’s a tiny chance the toilet has one more flush in it. If that happens when you’re knee deep in the pipes, it’ll be unpleasant for everyone. To make sure, always remember to spread the message. Even if you remember to do that, people may flush on instinct. So, it would also serve to stick a reminder on the flush itself.

After that, you’ll be free to tackle plumbing without any risks of leaks. Never a puddle will get in the way of your bathroom dreams.

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