Baby Changing Hacks to Avoid the Mess

baby changing using wet wipes

Babies are adorable, there’s no denying it. Those cherub cheeks, chunky arms and legs and those big, gorgeous eyes.

Having a baby is a truly joyous occasion, cause for celebration, as well as a sign of changing lifestyles.

But alongside all the cuteness of them sleeping in baby cots (see examples here), comes the mess. From vomits to poop, your baby will create a great deal of mess for you to clean up.

In this helpful blog, we’re going to share some handy baby changing hacks that will help you avoid the mess.

Invest in a Change Table

It is worth buying a changing table, that comes with a change mat to sit atop it. There are a few reasons for this.

The first is that the mat should catch any mess, particularly if you have a rather full nappy. This can simply be wiped off and disinfected afterwards, to keep things clean.

The second reason is that it will save your back from bending down, crouching or squatting to change your baby, and that’s a real bonus.

Use Wet Wipes

Wet wipes, or baby wipes, are an absolute godsend when you have babies. They are soft and gentle on your babies skin, perfect for wiping them clean during a nappy change.

Don’t be fooled by brand names and clever marketing either, your basic brand from Coles or Woolies is good to go. If your baby has sensitive skin, opt for the unscented variety.

Be Prepared

One of the worst feelings as a parent is going to change your baby’s nappy, only to if you’ve got a big blow out on your hands, lay everything out before taking off your baby’s nappy.

Get your fresh nappy, your wet wipes, your Sudocrem and other supplies laid out neatly. The last thing you want is to frantically look for everything while you have a wriggly baby with a huge explosion of you-know-what.

Make Sure Your Nappy is the Right Size

Sometimes mess can occur or blowouts can happen because your child’s nappy is too small for them, and cannot hold everything once they relieve themselves.

Ideally, you want a nappy to fit snug and well, but with some room in case of a big poop. Check how much give a nappy has, you want a little bit, but not too loose – because this will make more mess.

Entertain Baby While You Change Them

Sometimes mess can happen because the baby is wriggling around, and it gets everywhere! Avoid this happening by entertaining your baby while you change them.

Sing them songs, play peek-a-boo, tell them a story or get your partner to distract them while you go about your task. This should keep the baby occupied and still, and reduce the chances of wriggling.

One Bonus Tip – Spray Bottle

Finally, keep a small hairspray bottle, with a little bit of baby oil mixed with water. This can be used to spray the baby's bottom if there is any stuck-on poop, which should make it easier to wipe off.

A Clean Conclusion

baby changing safety tips

To avoid mess while changing your baby, follow the above tips. Get a changing table, and always have a ready supply of wet wipes on hand.

Be prepared, lay everything out so there is less chance of a mess. Make sure your nappy is the appropriate size for the baby, and keep them entertained while changing them.

Get a small spray bottle to moisten any dried-on mess. Now enjoy your mess-free changing, and look forward to toilet training.

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