3 Meat Preparation Ideas Your Taste Buds Won’t Want to Miss in 2020

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Meat makes for a very simple meal. A chicken breast, a portion of gammon, a steak– all they need is a few vegetables to accompany them and it’s a meal in and of itself. When you’re in a rush in the evening and just want to grab some sustenance, a simple “meat and vegetable” meal is just about the best way to do it.

However, when you do have the time, it’s worth experimenting with different methods of preparing meat. You can still enjoy all the benefits of eating meat, but with a different spin on the traditional used to bring your serving from packet to plate. Below are four different meat preparation methods that you’ll want to try as soon as possible.


The beauty of marinades is that there are no rules. You can follow a recipe for a marinade if you so choose, but you don’t have to. Essentially, all you need is some kind of liquid or viscous substance — anything from lemon juice to cream will suffice — and herbs and spices of your choice.

When you’ve assembled your ingredients, simply place the meat into a Ziploc bag along with your marinade additions. The longer you leave the meat soaking in the mix, the better, but half an hour should be sufficient for a good marinade. You simply then remove the meat from the bag and cook as normal. However, the taste will be far from normal– the delights of the marinade will permeate through your meal, providing a delicious extra edge to your food.

If you’re in need of some inspiration as to delicious marinades, then there’s a great selection to get you started at thespruce.com.

Kebab skewers

Kebabs are blissfully tasty, but incredibly easy to do. As with marinades, you can really freestyle this method of prep as much as you want. All you need are a set of skewers (wooden for single use, or metal for repeated use) and then you can load your skewer up however you choose.

Why not try a variety of meat on each skewer? Or perhaps add beneficial vegetables in the hopes your kids will feel adventurous enough to try them? If you’re in need of inspiration, then look no further than foodnetwork.com— there’s over 50 different combinations to try!

Homemade burgers

Burgers and sausages have a bad reputation; they’re seen as “fast food” that is invariably bad for you. In most part, that’s true — no one is going to claim a Big Mac is beneficial — but the base ingredients of burgers are not unhealthy. What causes problems with these items is actually the binding and flavoring agents– the meat itself is as good for you as a simple joint.

So, why not create your own, so you can omit all of the problematic ingredients without spoiling the taste? Have a peruse through bestmeatgrinderreviewsguide.com and choose a grinder that suits you to help with the meat prep, then set to making burgers to your own recipe.

In conclusion

Meat can be simple, satisfying, and nutritious– or you can make things more exciting by trying one of the prep methods above. Enjoy!