9 Foods to Try

9 Foods to Try in 2019 sourdough bread hampersandhiccups

Do you make loads of New Year’s Resolutions at the start of each New Year, in an attempt to launch a “New You?”. Have you forgotten them by the end of January? You are certainly not alone. Most of us give up, or simply forget the thing that we’ve promised to change. So, instead of making pointless resolutions, why not commit to trying some new stuff? There are many foods to try in 2019.

9 Foods to Try in 2019

Food is the perfect place to start. Many of us are guilty of eating a pretty standard family diet. We have things that we know we like, and we stick to them. Often repeating the same four or five meals regularly. But, what have you got to lose? If you don’t like something, move on, don’t do it again. If you like it, you’ve discovered something new. Here are nine foods to try in 2019.


Yak is only about 5% fat, making it much leaner than beef (around 15%) but with no loss of taste. Yak meat is sweeter and more delicate than beef, as well as much juicer. Use yak meat as a beef substitute in things like burgers and meatballs or even try yak steak.


Laverbread is a Welsh dish, made from edible seaweed. Technically it’s a protected food, so you can’t get it everywhere, but you can usually buy it online. Laverbread is perfect with your morning eggs for an alternative start to the day.

Goji berries

Foods to try in 2019 Goji berries strawberries blackberries bananasGoji berries are a complete superfood filled with minerals and antioxidants and a great addition to a healthy and balanced diet. Dried goji berries are available in most health food stores and can be eaten alone, scattered on cereal or salads or even thrown into smoothies.


Tripe, the edible lining of farm animals stomachs, sounds disgusting. But, many of us have never given it a chance. Cook tripe with a rich tomato sauce and pasta for a tasty meal.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are the size of poppy seeds but filled with goodness. They are packed with omega-3, calcium and protein, so they are great for your body and your mind. Eat as a healthy snack, or in smoothies and cereal. You could even use them to top homemade bread and bagels.

Sourdough bread

Foods to try in 2019 sourdough bread

Sourdough bread is a little more complicated to make than your standard white loaf, but with a more intense flavour, a thicker crust and chewy texture, it’s well worth all of the yeast feeding.

Sea urchin

Live sea urchins are covered with spikes, so you might want to find a ready-prepared dish for this one. Sea Urchin roe is delicate and tasty, perfect in a pasta dish.


Bilberries are another super berry, but vastly underused in mainstream cooking. Bilberries alone are very sour, but fantastic in a sweet jam or a comforting classic pudding.


Octopus is becoming much more popular and isn’t as scary as it looks. If you are cooking it yourself, so braise as part of a delicate stew, or serve with a salad and a light dressing to really bring out the flavor

If you are pregnant

If you are pregnant, be sure that your meats are fully cooked.

With cheeses, avoid eating uncooked mold-ripened soft cheeses and soft blue-veined cheeses, as they can contain higher levels of listeria.

Seaweed has high amounts of iodine in it which may hamper the proper functioning of the thyroid. It may cause various medical complications during pregnancy and it may even harm your unborn baby. The daily recommended dosage of seaweed is 220 micro-grams approximately and you should limit the intake to one serving per week. The amount in laverbread should be okay, but keep it to once per week.

You can eat goji berries while you are expecting. Keep the amount small, as an excess of it can prove harmful to your pregnancy. The goji berry is a popular superfood to have during pregnancy as it can help get rid of a dry cough, dizziness, and lower back pain while expecting. Goji berries promote good growth and development of your fetus. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or are on anticoagulants, then consult your doctor before you go for goji berries.

In Conclusion

Be brave in this New Year and try a new food, you may just like it. And, if not, at least you can say you tried it!

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