How to Begin Weight Loss Journey With Tofu

organic raw soy tofu

If one of your intentions in 2021 has been to lose a few pounds, then we've got one answer for you.

Eat more tofu! Tofu is an incredibly versatile food that can actually help with weight loss.

In this article, we'll show you exactly how to do it.

What is tofu?

Most people have seen tofu on supermarket shelves or a restaurant menu. But, if you don't follow a plant-based diet, you might be perplexed as to what tofu actually is.

Tofu is a food product that originates in East and South East Asia.

It is made by grinding soybeans, and the end result is a solid slab that has been likened to cottage cheese.

You can find tofu in most superstores, but Asian speciality sores will have a wider range.

Why is tofu perfect for weight loss?

Its structure is healthy

Tofu is naturally very healthy food. It has a very low calorie and fat content, which makes it naturally perfect for weight loss journeys.

It's also packed full of protein, which can help build muscle strength.

What's more, tofu contains very little cholesterol – that, plus its low sugar and carb content make it the perfect food for people who are watching their weight.

It can even help prevent type 2 diabetes!

Instead of all the nasties, tofu has natural protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making it an incredibly healthy snack.

Tofu is a great tool for losing belly fat

Tofu also has a high concentration of soy isoflavones, which are beneficial for losing belly fat and cellulite around the body.

If you're looking to firm up your belly and other parts of your body, it's recommended to try adding a few soy products to your diet – tofu being the most obvious choice.

Tofu can be used as a substitute for less healthy foods

The beauty of tofu is that it is so incredibly versatile.

While eggs are healthy, they aren't suitable for people on low cholesterol diets – and tofu can be easily be used as a substitution.

Or, swap less healthy meats for tofu. Tofu will be just as filling but with way fewer calories!

How to prepare tofu

Preparing tofu can be a challenge, and there are some important things that you should know before doing so.

It can look a bit overwhelming when you buy it for the first time, but worry not – we've got some excellent tips here so you can start enjoying tofu in all kinds of recipes!

Pick the right tofu

If you want to make scrambled tofu (a scrambled egg substitute) or are using it in recipes instead of meat or fish, make sure that you purchase firm or extra firm tofu.

Silken and smooth tofus are better for blending into desserts and sauces.

Don't forget to press your tofu!

This is a crucial step that lots of people miss. When you buy tofu, it will be sitting in a tub of water.

It has to stay in the water so it doesn't dry out.

However, this means that store-bought tofu is full of H20 – and it needs to be pressed to get rid of this high water content before cooking.

If you don't press your tofu, it won't stick together properly when it is cooked, and it will struggle to absorb the flavors of the surrounding food.

You can press tofu using paper towels, plates, and something heavy, but it's much easier to use a designated tofu press like these. If you are planning on eating a lot of the stuff, a tofu press will save you time, be less hassle, and give you a more delectable product!

Remember: cooking tofu is about absorbing the flavors

homemade tofu stir fry

Nobody eats plain tofu; it doesn't taste of anything. However, when pressed right, tofu excels at absorbing its surrounding flavors, mimicking their tastes. So, whether you are using sushi nori and capers to replicate a ‘fishy' flavor, or want to cook up some spicy nuggets, make sure that you are using very flavorful ingredients that will tell the tofu how to taste.

To wrap it up

Whether you want to shift a few pounds or are conscious of following a diet that helps fight or prevent diabetes, tofu is a fantastic product to add to your repertoire. It's low in carbs, fat, and sugars, and high in all the good stuff that will help your body become lean and healthy! It might take you a while to learn how to cook tofu properly, but once you've got the hang of it, you'll be serving up delicious plant based meals in no time.

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