Tula vs Ergo Reviewed: Which Baby Carrier?

tula vs ergo baby carrier reviewBringing up an infant can be very challenging, especially as an active person. You are welcoming this new being into your life, but there are still things to do. It then becomes very important to maximize the baby essentials and accessories that make your life as a person easier, while trying to balance being a parent.

One such accessory is a baby carrier and the fact that you need to get the best cannot be overemphasized. Remember, they have been designed to make parenting more bearable, not add to your stress.

A baby carrier frees up your hands so you can engage in other important activities, while keeping your child in view, secure and mobile. Also, there is the tiny fact that a carrier will help you avoid those awkward moments where your child somehow manages to escape the stroller straps.

Choosing the right baby carrier can also turn out to be a helpful decision for your lower back, and posture in general. To help you make the right decision, and as a show of our support, we have reviewed two of the top-rated baby carriers from premium-quality manufacturers; Tula and Ergo.

Main Differences between Tula vs Ergo Carriers

Just before we jump into details, here are the main differences between these baby carriers.

  • Features: The Ergo baby 360 carrier gives you more options when it comes to the positions for carrying, whereas the Tula carrier can only be used for inwards front-carry or back-carry.
  • Usability: The Tula baby carrier was designed to carry both babies and toddlers, while the Ergobaby 360 carrier is strictly for babies.
  • Weight limitations: Tula can hold 25 – 70 pounds, while Ergo baby carriers can only take 15 – 45 pounds of weight

These carriers have some similarities, in all of their differences. Firstly, and most importantly, they have been designed and medically evaluated to prevent Hip Dysplasia in your child and provide optimal lumbar and neck support for you, both of which are very important for your health, as a mother or primary caregiver. Additionally, they are very easy to use and flexible so there is no excuse for being less productive because of your child –take your baby with you!

The focus of this article, however, is on finding the best carrier for you and that is exactly what we are going to do. To do this without bias, we have to review each of the products in-depth, so read on to find out which one suits your needs best!

Tula Baby Career Review

Tula Ergonomic Carrier, Message in A Bottle-Standard Size(Baby), 15-45 pounds (Stadard, Agate)

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This carrier is the top choice for anyone who wants a higher ratio of style and design when compared to maximizing practical usage. That is not to say Tula isn’t durable. This baby carrier is 12*6*12 inches, 2 pounds product which helps you carry up to 15 – 45 pounds.

Another great detail about this baby carrier is the back flap that can be used as a shield to protect your baby from the weather elements. Wonderfully aesthetic, it comes in a range of different sizes that allow you to carry your newborn baby comfortably.


  • The material for this carrier is a hundred percent cotton, making it the healthiest option for your baby.
  • It has an ergonomic shape that helps to promote the safe development of the baby’s body, especially the front and back.
  • Adjustable strap design that allows you to use the carrier for extensive periods.
  • The straps are padded to help you get the best form of comfort while working, so you can carry out busy daily activities while keeping your child safe.
  • Broad waistbands help to fasten and keep the carrier in place.


  • It is very comfortable for the baby
  • The material is well-ventilated
  • It comes in unique designs
  • It is very Machine washable


  • It only has an inward-facing position.

Customer Sentiments

The Tula baby carrier is considered as one of the best carriers. Most people review the product as ideal and perfect for a traveler or hiker. All in all, it is referred to as an amazing product.

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Ergo Baby Carrier Review

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier for Newborn to Toddler with Lumbar Support (7-45 Pounds), Pearl Grey

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Here is a product that makes carrying your baby to another level, with 360 features. What this simply means, is that you can strap on this carrier in front, at your back or your side (on your hip). With the comfortable and functioning design of this all-purpose carrier, you can achieve more, while taking care of your infant or toddler.


  • The carrier is made with breathable, lightweight all-mesh material
  • It has a design that allows for all carry positions.
  • It provides complete support for extra back comfort as you nurture your baby
  • This Ergo360 carrier can handle the size of both an Infant AND a baby, so you don’t have to be worried about carrying the toddler.


  • It offers several positions of carrying your baby; Front Carry (outward-facing), Front Inward, Back Carry, and a Side carrier
  • The straps on this carrier are well-cushioned.
  • Machine washable; it is all laundry.


  • Customers have complained of low quality in the delivered product
  • The waistband has a Velcro strap, which means you will need extra help in getting the carrier on, or off.

Customer Sentiments

There have been reviews on the level of comfort this carrier provides and most have voted in the negative direction; they believe it is not comfortable. Also, it has been noted that the buckles may be faulty, ‘and broken’ immediately after use.

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Why should I use a baby carrier?

The short answer to this question is, to be free. Not only does a baby carrier help you move around freely; get things done, run a business, or go about your daily living activities. It also helps you watch, protect and secure your child without having to drive a stroller, stop every minute because their ‘toddler’ feet hurt.

Get back on your feet and engage in the activities you like, with a baby carrier to make participation easy.

Will a carrier strain my shoulder?

One myth about baby carriers is that they affect the way people walk. However, this is not the truth. Using the right baby carrier, you will enjoy the experience of cushioned straps that rest on your shoulder and support your back even.

Is a baby carrier comfortable for a toddler facing outward? And is it supportive?

Yes, yes it is –as long as it is the right brand. Not all baby carriers have been designed to accommodate the change, but others allow you to change the baby’s position.


Seeing as we have established the importance of baby carriers, and compared Tula vs Ergo carriers, we can bring this article to a conclusion. Firstly, let us agree that there is no perfect baby carrier because each of them has its flaws. Regardless, we can still settle on the top one that had all the right boxes checked; from practicality to aesthetics.

The ErgoBaby360 is great with its multiple position feature but the fact that you may need help with using it effectively, because of the Velcro strap, is a downer. The Tula baby carrier is adorable with the multiple patterns and designs to match your style, but the detachable head flap can be a problem when you are not using it to shield your child. Despite its flawed flap, it is still a practical beauty. It is also less expensive than the alternative, completely independent-use and stylish! From this comparison, and for this article, however, our winner is the Tula baby carrier.

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