The Key Spring/Summer Interior Trends You Need To Know About

When it comes to making your home look amazing, you might want to update it each season to give it a new vibe, whether that’s a cosy vibe suited to colder months or something suited more to spring/summer.  If you’re looking for spring/summer ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the spring/summer interior trends that you need to know about for 2018:

Forget Hygge – Think Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi might sound like a spicy pea snack, but it’s actually the cool new design concept taking over Hygge in terms of popularity. The idea of Wabi Sabi is that it’s easy, carefree, imperfect. The Japanese inspired trend is all about staying true to oneself and celebrating flaws, rather than trying to make everything look perfect. Hygge was all about giving the home a really clean, perfect look, while Wabi Sabi is quite the opposite. If you’re somebody who never really felt that the Hygge design concept was for them, this one could be much better suited to you.

If this sounds like a trend you’d really like to try, use natural materials in your space and aim to keep it simple. Homes have a very homely feel, and don’t feel cold at all as they something can with Hygge. Check out some pictures for inspiration and try it out!  

Statement Ceilings

Why is it, that when many people set out to decorate their homes, they neglect the ceiling? Maybe they give it a freshen up with a coat of white paint, but that’s if you’re lucky. Statement ceilings are the new big design trend. No longer is it ok to simply neglect your ceiling. Paint it a bright color, and hang statement hardware from it. You could even include a pattern up there. It might feel strange at first, but there are many people who have pulled this off successfully. Just remember, that you’ll need to decide whether you want a room to look smaller or larger, as the way you decorate the ceiling will affect that.

If you want a statement ceiling without having to make it look crazy, you can always simply incorporate a subtle pattern in the same color that it is now, or even add some wooden beams to give it a bit more character.

Ice Cream/Pastel Shades

Ice cream and pastel shades are a must in a nice spring/summer interior. It might seem like nothing new, but people are really getting creative and decorating their homes with beautiful peach/coral shades, ice blue, lavender/lilacs, mint greens, and more. You don't have to make your home look like a pastel palace, either; simply incorporating a few pastel shades here and there will do the trick. However, using lots of ice cream/pastel shades in the same place can make it look really special and cute, perfect if you love fun interiors and you want to try something new!

Plenty Of Texture

In each room you need to be prepared to incorporate lots of texture. Texture is what stops a room from looking boring and gives it a little more oomph! You can do this many ways. Consider adding textured plants of different types and sizes – there are even plants that have patterns on the leaves. You can also use wood from places like George Hill Timber to create shelves, headboards, and other rustic looking wooden elements. Chrome finishes are big this spring/summer too, and add extra dimension to just about any look.

Remember, that using as many different kinds of textures as possible will make your home look far more interesting and bring it to life. You can make it look super cosy, but even if that’s not the look you're going for, texture will help perk your home up in no time.

Tropical Prints

Every home needs pictures of some kind. You can include pictures of your family and your favorite artwork to give it some personality. However, if you really want to keep up with the trends this year, it’s all about incorporating tropical prints. You can have leafy green jungle pictures on the wall, as well as incorporating these prints in the form of wallpaper, cushions, and anywhere else you like. Get creative!

Hopefully you’ve got some great ideas now you know all about these spring/summer interior trends. Some of them might not be anything that you've heard of before, but make your own mind up before you decide that they’re too ‘out there’ to try. Have fun with them and see what you can do with your decor!
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