What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression Groups

Back in October, our second baby, Pip, was born.

postpartum depression is real, raw, emotional, scary, life threatening. it is a disease. How many women are affected? 1 in 5. that's 20%. you are not alone. it's more than just the baby blues. more than just overwhelm. more than just fatigue. find out what I learned and how it can help you in your own journey after your baby is born.As most newborns are, he was squishy, sleepy and cuddly. I was pretty prepared for this. What I wasn't prepared for was the emotions I would feel. To the point where I thought I had postpartum depression.

When Sweet Girl was born, I had absolutely ZERO negative effects. I was SO in love with being a mama and amazed at how we lucked out with such an easy baby (she slept through the night at 3 weeks!). Of course, I didn't expect future babies to be as perfect, but I also didn't expect what I experienced with Baby Pip.

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7 Ways Pregnancy 2 Differed from Pregnancy 1

Pregnancy differences between my first and second pregnancies. 7 elements that were different between baby 1 and baby 2 and what it meant for the sex of the babies. See what the different symptoms meant for me and my experience for being pregnant twice. Plus a FREE hospital bag checklist. If you’re expecting or hoping to become pregnant, this post is for you.

If you're new to hampersandhiccups.com, let me catch you up.  I have a 17  month old Sweet Girl, and we just welcomed our new bundle of joy – Pipsqueak.  You probably don't want to do the math, so I'll tell ya – that equates to me being pregnant for roughly 18 months out of the last 26.  69%!  While both pregnancies were relatively uneventful and, dare I say, easy, they were still pregnancies!  As I'm sure you've heard, no two pregnancies, births or babies are the same.  I can agree with this and I'm going to share with you 7 of my pregnancy differences.

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How to Survive the Final Month of Pregnancy

FREE Hospital Bag Checklist! What my final month of pregnancy looks like. What I’m doing, how I’m coping. Preparing for baby, getting the house ready. Awaiting baby’s arrival. It’s the end of pregnancy and I’m full of energy. Find inspiration for your own final month of pregnancy here.

Hey all!  This is an exciting post for me!  I'm writing it at 36+1 which means I'm about 4 weeks from the estimated due date of our second baby, and officially in the final month of pregnancy!  To say the time has flown by would be an understatement.  There was so much I wanted to have done before #2 comes along, and it doesn't seem like the To-Do list has gotten any shorter, even though I've been running around like a crazy person for the last 6 weeks.  In my final month of pregnancy I'm dedicated to tackling the list and getting everything ready for our sweet new arrival.

The final month of pregnancy is fraught with apprehension, curiosity, excitement, and an overwhelming need to get shit done!  Each day I'm hyper-aware of every little movement and feeling, wondering if it's time.  This excitement is immediately followed by slight panic when I realize I have virtually nothing ready for going to the hospital!

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So, instead of actually getting this stuff done, I'm writing about it – haha.  I'm bringing you into my home for a glimpse at what my final month of pregnancy is looking like in hopes that you can find some motivation and comfort in your own final month of pregnancy.

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How to Earn Money While Pregnant

FREE GUIDE! I made over $600 from my nesting habit – purging! And you can too! But guess what? You don’t even have to be pregnant! Find out how to get rid of stuff quickly and efficiently, and make some cash in the process. Your house will feel lighter, your mind clearer, and your family happier. If those aren’t enticing incentives, I don’t know what are! Take control of your home and your lifestyle. Learn how to become a happier homemaker. Make some extra cash. Pay down some debt, save for a vacation.

I may have mentioned a few times (here, here, here, here, here, here) that I'm currently pregnant with our second little angel.  If you signed up for my free 5 day email course, you'll also know that my go-to nesting habit is to purge.  And it's seriously awesome.

Haven't had the opportunity to sign up for the course yet?  I'll make it easy for ya.

So, if you haven't already guessed it, the way I made well over $600 from my pregnancy was by initiating a purge (or 3) and selling a lot of the excess!  I don't have an accurate total because it was money gathered over time (and I wasn't yet in the blogging mindset), but I will outline what avenues we took to selling our things.

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