4 Effective Steam Mops for Tiles & Grout

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Owing to their durability, tiles are widely used in homes and offices. However, they get dirty quickly, and DIY cleaning methods don't work every time.

That is why many houses and commercial building owners contact floor cleaning agencies to take up the tile cleaning work. This is because the agency has cleaning specialists who have the expertise, right chemicals and machines to get the job done.

Tiles are water-resistant. Hence, steam mops that use high-pressure steam can be the safest bet to clean dirty tiles and grout.

If you own a Floor cleaning business, having high-quality steam mops can really get you high ticket tile-cleaning projects. If you don't have them already, here's five best steam mops that you should own.

Light ‘N Easy Steam Mop

This steam mop has a reputation of being lightweight and easy to use, aptly justifying its name. It can easily clean and sanitise areas with high foot traffic, like bathroom and reception.

It is one of the trending steam mops in the market currently.

It consists of an inline water heater that heats it up within thirty seconds. A handy pump lets you control the steam-spray on the surface.

Its ergonomic handles and adjustable mop head are designed to be used conveniently. The machine also comes with a washable microfiber pad.

This tile grout cleaner machine can be used to clean marble, ceramic floors, linoleum and hardwood along with tiles. All these features make it a bestseller in the steam mop department.

Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe

Customers won't mind a hint of elegant fragrance after the steam cleaning process. This is exactly what the Bissell PowerFresh does. You can do so by using scented water or a fragrance disc for great smelling air after cleaning.

This feature makes the tool stand out from its competition.

It also consists of high and low settings to tweak the steam output according to one’s requirement. It is designed to stand upright without any support.

Its swivel steering allows better navigational control during the cleaning operation. It can be used on various surfaces like wood, marble, linoleum, granite along with tiles.

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Although this one is costlier among others, it's ease of use makes it special. It comes with a touch-free technology that does away with the dirty work of cleaning – quite literally. Not to forget it is safer to operate as well.

The machine houses a couple of steam settings for various cleaning purposes. Its steam blaster technology offers an immediate steam boost amidst the cleaning process and ensures high precision.

To save money in the future, you can consider using both sides of the dirt-grip pads, which are included with the mop.

Shark Steam Pocket

The reason we have included two Shark mops in this list is because it being the pioneer in this category. While the Genius lineup is geared towards high-end cleaning, you can consider buying the Pocket lineup to cater to homes with less carpet area.

The Pocket lineup doesn't compromise on quality and is quite affordable as well.

Just like Genius, it comes with a swivel steering and a soft-grip handle, meaning that comfort won't be an issue while using it. A quick-release cord allows a quick and smooth assembly.

It also comes with two microfiber pads, just like the Genius lineup.

Wrapping Up

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Steam, if not used properly, can cause damage to your tiles and other surfaces. So, it's advisable to use a mop that's in a perfectly working condition to avoid embarrassment on the site.

The ones mentioned in this article are bestsellers and proven to provide amazing steam cleaning. You can also consider buying upholstery steam cleaners as they go hand-in-hand with steam cleaners and mops. Good luck!

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