9 Deliciously Simple Cheesy Holiday Appetizers

For most of us, the holidays can get pretty stressful.  With all the parties and events to attend, shopping there is to do, and planning to coordinate, we end up feeling anxious and run down.  Not at all joyous and relaxed as the word holiday is meant to imply.  A huge part of the festive season is eating.  Everywhere we turn there's food to be tasted.  You probably have obligations to bring a dish or two to a certain event.  Let me ease some of your stress by suggesting some Deliciously Simple Cheesy Holiday Appetizers.

All of these ideas are so simple you'll be left wondering why you've been spending your time making boring cheese balls and basic bruschetta as your go-to Holiday Appetizers.

Holiday Appetizers Made Simple

Now, before we get into the great cheese debate (old cheddar vs brie vs camembert), let's check our preferences at the door and unite as one cheese-loving body.  I mean, does it really matter if it's gouda or havarti?  The important thing is that our holiday appetizers are cheesy, delicious, and simple.
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I'll admit, most of these appetizers use brie.  Not because I'm cheese biased, but because it's simply the best and easiest cheese to use for elegant (but simple) holiday appetizers.

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Cheesy Holiday Appetizers, On Bread (or crackers)

Grab a nice loaf of crusty bread, some cheese, and a few other tasty ingredients and you've got yourself a fabulous holiday appetizer!  How simple is that?

Pear, Apple & Honey Crostini


Ricotta and Prosciutto Crackers


Brie and Fig Crostini


Cheesy Holiday Appetizers, Get Dippin'

What's better than crackin' into a luscious, melty, ooey-gooey wheel of heaven?

Ya, all I'm hearin' is crickets.

I'm sure you'll be trying these recipes all year round.  I know I will.

Cranberry and Brie Baked Cheese


Maple and Pecan Baked Bree


Hot Crab Dip


Cheesy Holiday Appetizers, In a Bite

Whip these babies up for the quickest way to get yummy holiday appetizers into your mouth.  Trust me, your guests will thank you.

Cheese Ball Bites


Christmas Tree Cheese Board


Irish Potato Bites


So there you have it.  Now get cookin'!

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Don't forget your free (super decadent) dessert recipe.  It's a fave around these parts, meaning I've never shared the recipe before!

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