The Absolute Cutest Christmas Treats

Happy Fall Y'all!  Here we are in September and all I can think about is Christmas.  Yes, you read that right.  I'm dreaming of sugar plumbs and pretty wrapping paper.  Today, specifically, I'm thinking about Cute Christmas Treats!  All the yummy goodies we get to indulge in during the holiday season.

And it's totally acceptable because it's the holidays!  And that New Year's Resolution is right around the corner.

This month I'm taking a break from the regular fall work to post solely about the Christmas season.  Yep, September is Christmas month over here at Hampers&Hiccups.  Imagine garland and tinsel strewn about my office, Christmas carols blasting from my speakers, and bells a jinglin' as I dance around my sewing studio.

Hey, I need to do something to get me in the spirit of things!

To kick off this month-long series, I've rounded up some adorable ideas for Christmas Treats.  They're so cute you'll be dying to try them all.

Cute Christmas Marshmallow Mugs

These adorable little mugs will be a hit at any party.  Made with ready-to-use ingredients, they whip up in no time.  Get your kids involved to do the decorating!

Melted Snowman Bark

How cute and funny are these?!  They'll be a hit with all ages, and are super simple to put together.  Not to mention delicious!

Christmas Light Cupcakes

Make a batch of these sinfully yummy chocolate cupcakes then get the kiddos to help decorate.  Yay for Christmas memories and traditions!  Just make sure to buy extra decorations for snacking.

Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies

A little more work needed for these babies, but it will be so worth it!  Great for the office or any other party.  Everyone loves a good sugar cookie.  Plus these are a little more polished and sophisticated than your average.  Enjoy!

Reindeer Rice Krispies

Finally, a cute little twist on a classic easy treat.  See what other characters you and the kids can come up with!

Christmas Spirit Be With You All!

Now that you've had a little warm up to the Christmas season, I can't wait to see and hear what else you've created.  Let me know by dropping me an email, or commenting on this post.  Don't forget to share and follow!

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