My Favorite Nursing Nightgown

My Favorite Nursing Nightgown maternity pajamas styles posed by models hampersandhiccups

I have been nursing my babies since 1999! It's hard to believe it's been that many years. I am currently pregnant with my eighth live child and just purchased my favorite nursing nightgown online and thought I would tell you about it.

My Favorite Nursing Nightgown

It has to be long enough

One thing that has really bothered me in the past is if I bend over to pick up stray toys in the night (which is all the time) my nightgown cannot come up in the back and show my underwear (My teens are still awake after the littles go to bed). I like to find a style that is close to my knees in length or longer.

I don't want a robe with it

I never end up using the robe. I am plus size and often pregnant and so I am usually very warm. The robe gets unused and just adds expense.

It needs to be modest

The nightgown I choose needs to hide my privates well and not be a see-through color. I have teenagers who have friends overnight sometimes and if I get up in the night, I want to be covered well without putting on a robe.

The opening should open easily when I need it

Normal babies do NOT sleep through the night! And as a breastfeeding mom, I don't want them to! If they do one night, my breasts hurt from being too full of milk. Reality is having your baby wake up to feed at least two times during an eight hour sleep period. I am groggy at those hours and do not want to fumble with buttons or lifting up a shirt and struggling with the fabric. I like the opening to be right about where my breast is and the opening to be sideways. I like to find a V type design with a panel behind it that opens in that way. It has always worked the best for me and I look for that in a nightgown.

It shouldn't be tight

I like my favorite nursing nightgown to fit somewhat loosely, especially when pregnant, not tight. It should look a little like a summer dress.

My old favorite nursing nightgown

For many years I would get the Earth Angels nursing nightgowns from and they would come with a coordinating baby gown. I absolutely loved them. They were perfect in every way, but a few babies ago, stopped carrying them and I can't find them anywhere. If you know where I can find them or have one sitting at your home you don't mind parting with in a size XL, please leave me a note in the comments below. This is what they looked like…

My favorite nursing nightgown teal night dress
Earth Angels Nursing Nightgown in teal previously sold by
My favorite nursing nightgown teal maternity gown and coordinating baby gown
Earth Angels nursing nightgown and coordinating baby gown previously sold by

My favorite nursing nightgown nowadays

I had a hard time finding something to compare to the Earth Angels brand above, but I did finally find one I love! It is sold at (I can't find them in our local store). It is the a:glow brand. They come in dark heather gray or mineral black in maternity sizes from XS to XXL. I have to get the XXL in this brand to give me the loose fit that I like.

My favorite nursing nightgown a:glow gray maternity pajamas modeled by blond woman
a:glow nursing nightgown from in dark heather gray
My favorite nursing nightgown from a:glow in black modeled by a dark haired woman
a:glow nursing nightgown in mineral black

Possibly my favorite nursing nightgowns in the future?

These are some that look like I would like them but I haven't tried them out yet.

ZHENWEI Women's Maternity Dress Short Sleeve Nursing Nightgown 

Nursing nightgown in wine red color on a model
ZHENWEI nursing nightgown in wine red


Aimado Women Nursing Nightgown

Maternity nightgown in light gray modeled on a woman
Aimado Women nursing nightgown in light gray

YOUBENGA Women's V Neck Lace Breastfeeding Nursing Maternity Dress Sleepwear

Maternity nightgown in navy modeled on a woman
YOUBENGA Women's V Neck Lace Breastfeeding Nursing Maternity Dress Sleepwear in Navy

I hope this helps you to narrow your search for a nursing nightgown that you will be happy with – possibly for many years to come!

This article was submitted by Amy Marohl, a large family homeschooling mom, Etsy shop owner and blogger at

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