Moving With Kids: Making The Process Easier in 2020

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Moving With Kids: Making The Process Easier family holding moving boxes hampersandhiccups

Moving is stressful enough for adults, but for children it can be particularly troublesome. All of the adults around them are running around, busy and stressed out, and this is followed by leaving the only place that they’ve ever known as home. It’s not uncommon for children to miss their old home and even for issues like bed wetting to start or get worse after a move. For this reason, as parents we do need to be careful the way we go about things when it comes to moving home. Here are a few ways to go about it.

Explain to them what will be happening

Instead of just moving them to a new place with no explanation, if they’re old enough to understand it can make sense to talk to them ahead of time. Let them know that soon they will have a new house and a new bedroom. Make it come across in a really happy and positive way and get them excited about it. Before you move, take them around the home and have them say goodbye to all of the rooms. This can help them to get it clear in their head that they won’t be coming back here, and a new adventure awaits instead.

Have them looked after

Moving with kids toddler reading a book with caregiver when moved into a new homeOn moving day, or even a day or so beforehand while you're busy packing, it could be worth having them looked after. A fun little trip to see their grandparents or family members would get them away from the stress and chaos of moving house. It also gives you one less thing to do while you’re trying to move- keeping a child occupied and safe from moving hazards is a full time job within itself. Once they’re away from the situation, it’s worth roping in as many friends and family as you can to help you move things, otherwise hire moving services to make the job quicker and easier. Once you’re all set up in the new place, and their bedroom especially is put together and looking homely, bring them back in.

Make the new home a positive experience

When you’re bringing your child into the home for the first time, you want it to be a happy and pleasant moment. Wait until all of the hustle and bustle has died down and greet them with a smile. Show them around with enthusiasm, being ready to answer any questions that they have. You could take a walk around your new area and explore, and then enjoy a family dinner together.

Moving house can be a big change for children. Make the process as simple as possible for yourself to avoid hassle, and generally keep kids away from the chaos until everything is done. That way, they can associate the new home with positive feelings instead of being surrounded by busy adults and stress.

Have you moved with young children? How did they find it, and what did you do to reduce stress?