Moving to Naples FL: 5 Tips for a Life-Changing Transition

Moving to Naples FL

Suppose you're looking to change your home location soon due to work, retirement, or other reasons. In such a scenario, moving to Naples, FL, is an excellent decision to make.

The city is a coastal area with great weather, scenic beaches, and fine restaurants. Also, the population is pretty moderate with about 20,000 people.

That means you get to enjoy a blissful life in a not-too-crowded city by the coast.

Although Naples, FL, houses some of the most high-brow neighborhoods in the states; surprisingly, the standard of living is pretty low in the area.

However, there are a few things you must know if you intend living in Naples, Florida, in 2021.

Your real estate agent might leave them out since they expect that you might have done some research yourself.

You need all the information you can get concerning moving to Naples FL, permanently.

We’ll show you five of these tips that might make your relocation to the city much more convenient and save you from pitfalls along the way.

Naples, FL has a High Education Index

If you’re moving between homes with kids in tow, it’s essential to know how the education system is at the other location.

You’d want to get your school-aged kids properly engaged once you settle down in the new area to avoid any lapses in their education.

Thankfully, moving to Naples, FL, exposes your family to excellent opportunities for the kids and some of the best education indexes in the states.

The city’s got highly-rated private and public schools under the management of The Collier County School System.

Schools like Pine Ridge Middle School, Gulf Coast High School, and North Naples School all have stellar reputations across Florida.

Social Events are a Key Feature

Do you love to attend social gatherings during festivals and holidays? Naples, Florida, enjoys organized events all year round, and the locals mark every holiday by coming together to socialize and have some relaxing moments.

Each of the events has its different themes. For instance, the Naples Craft Beer Festival comes up every March and brings together beer lovers to enjoy local brew sampling, food, and live bands. The Naples National Arts Festival comes up to celebrate local artistry and photography.

Overall, Naples, Florida, is an excellent location for your next home if you want to live in a community with frequent social events.

Naples’s Job Market Is on the Rise

Beyond favorably low unemployment rates and statistics, it’s best also to see what a location’s projected employment growth is before making a move. You’d be happy to know that Naples has a booming job market.

Reports predict that the job market in Naples would grow by about 39 percent over the next decade. The numbers currently show about a 0.9 percent increase over last year, hinting at the rise.

These numbers mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about employment opportunities once you finally settle in Naples.

Furthermore, industries such as healthcare and education are making more jobs available to locals. You’d find companies like Marriott International, ASG Technologies, and NCH Healthcare System headquartered in Naples.

Also, commuting from the city to neighboring places like Fort Myers and Cape Coral is quick if you prefer jobs outside Naples.

Ensure you weigh all the living in Naples, Florida pros and cons before embarking on the house hunting journey.

There are lots of Beaches

Florida is home to many beaches, and Naples has got some of the most beautiful ones of the bunch. These beaches have white sands and clear ocean waters – ingredients for truly scenic views in the summer.

Plus, Naples beaches are perfect for shell collections and swimming. You can also get in the water to surf the waves. Some of the more famous beaches in Naples are:

  • Barefoot Beach Preserve

Located near Delnor Wiggins State Park and spanning over a mile, the Barefoot Beach Preserve is a relaxing beach you can find in Naples. It’s an excellent spot if you love nature, as you get to see sea animals and luscious plant gardens as well.

  • Lowdermilk Beach

Lowdermilk is another fun beach located at the heart of the city. It’s much closer to residential areas, so it gets a lot more traffic. Beyond that, Lowdermilk beach is excellent for practicing water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding.

  • Naples Pier Beach

Naples Pier Beach is a go-to relaxation spot for fun-seekers in the neighborhood. The Pier extends up to a thousand feet into the ocean, with restaurants and beach shops close by.

  • Clam Pass Park

If you’re at the northern ends of the city, you’d want to visit Clam Pass Park. It’s a lovely stretch of beach 3,200 feet long and teeming with sea animals. It’s perfect if you’ve moved into Naples with the kids – they’d get to see dolphins, birds, and turtles by the shore.

  • Delnor Wiggins State Park

You’re sure to find lots of greenery and wildlife on this stunning beach. The waters are shallow, and there are many seashells around. It’s no surprise that locals and visitors relax at Delnor Wiggins State Park all summer long.

Naples, Florida is a Suitable City for Retirement

Moving to Florida

If you’re planning to retire and would want to relocate; there’s no better city to pick than Naples. The city has received the “Best Place to Retire” and “Best Cities for an Early Retirement” recognitions severally.

The city enjoys this high reputation thanks to the fact that it benefits from Florida’s zero income tax for its residents.

What’s more, living in Naples, Florida, is cost-effective. Many wealthy residents in Naples neighborhoods, making for an upscale and welcoming environment for anyone looking to retire there.

Wrapping Up

Naples, Florida, is an excellent destination for individuals and families looking to move their residence. However, some of its defining features often get omitted as you sign the necessary documents.

Realtors typically expect that you find out these details by research or inquiry.

Alternatively, you could seek out online materials that serve as a Naples, Florida relocation guide to help you to get familiar with the area quicker.

The tips stated above are some of the things you’d experience when moving to Naples, FL.

They are generally positive and could significantly improve your living experience in the long term there.

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