First Appliances to Buy When Moving out of Your Parents’ House

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The moment when you are moving out of your parents' house to a new apartment can be both exciting and challenging.

On the one hand, you probably cannot wait to live in a new place, where you are the king of your castle, and nobody tells you what to do or how to arrange the interior.

On the other hand, you may be stressed out to be responsible for all the chores and afraid that you will forget to get some crucial appliances that you use on a daily basis.

In order to make you a little less nervous in this situation, we have prepared a checklist of essentials you should remember while moving out from your parents.

They are both big and small appliances that will help you survive on your own and miss your mom a little less.

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A Fridge

When you are moving to a new apartment, you certainly do not want to forget about a fridge.

It was once a luxury, but nowadays, it is a crucial element of every kitchen.

Living on your own means that you will be too busy studying and/or working, as well as taking care of the place.

As such, you will not have time to purchase fresh food every day.

It is definitely much more convenient to do some bigger shopping and not worry about supplies for at least a few days. Thanks to a fridge, everything will remain fresh for a longer time.

While choosing a fridge, note that some of them have additional features like open door alarms, adjustable shelving, or temperature and frost settings.

Also, they come in various sizes, so make sure the model you like fits the spot where you want to place it.

A Microwave

As it was mentioned earlier, as a busy student or employee, or a combination of both, you probably will not have enough time to take thorough care of each meal.

The speed of today's world can make you crave something warm to eat as quickly as possible – you will definitely need a microwave in your kitchen then.

Having this appliance, you can cook for two days, and on the second day, just conveniently warm up your meal to save time and effort.

Before you buy a particular microwave, take your time to check what features it provides.

They can have, for example, defrosting or grilling properties and various choices of heating levels.

Moreover, if you are not on a very tight budget, you can purchase an appliance that serves as a combination of a microwave and a regular oven.


Apart from the regular lighting that has probably been provided in your new place, you may need some additional items that will help you to protect your eyes and keep the apartment cozy.

For example, floor lamps will help you create a pleasant atmosphere, while a table lamp will make it easier for you to study or work at home in the evenings.

You can even try something more original and get yourself some fun lanterns for just a couple of bucks at one of the thrift stores.

It is definitely worth having a well-lit space because when it is dark, it looks uninviting, and it has a deteriorating effect on your sight.

Moreover, keep in mind that light makes your home look warm and welcoming just for people – when it comes to cockroaches, it will help you scare them away.

A Washing Machine

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One of the things you will need to take care of on your own after moving out from your parents' house is laundry.

If you do not want to spend your money and time visiting the dry cleaner every now and then, it might be a good idea to move into your new apartment with your own washing machine.

As a result, you will be able to wash your clothes, towels, or other things without leaving your home and as often as you like.

However, there are things you need to consider before choosing the right model for you.

Namely, modern washing machines differ in, for example, drum sizes, clothes protection technologies, and numerous functions and features.

If you are on a tight budget, you can pick a model that performs great in economic settings.

On the other hand, if you do not mind spending more money on your washing machine, you can even find a model that can be connected to Wi-Fi and controlled remotely.


These are just a few examples of essentials you need to remember to buy when you plan to move out from your parents.

Living on your own will provide you with a lot of independence – you will be able to arrange the place as you want.

However, it is recommended to remember to get such appliances as a fridge, a microwave, a washing machine, or additional lighting.

Make sure you have everything you need before you arrive at your new place – not only the appliances, but also, for instance, cleaning supplies, cutlery, or hygienic supplies (such as paper towels or toilet paper).

In fact, everyone is different, so it would be best for you to prepare your own personalized checklist.

This way, you’ll avoid a lot of stress on a moving day and take all the stuff you need from the start. Good luck!

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