Tips and Advice To Help You Make Your Home Cleanup Easier and More Complete

home cleaning tips

When you have the opportunity to have your own house, quite a bit of work goes into it. We all love a clean house, but many of us don’t like the process of cleaning.

Everyone is looking for a fast and easy way to clean their house without spending hours cleaning it.

Some of us may even feel that it’s impossible to clean the whole house in one day. However, no matter how messy your house is, you can clean it in just a few hours.

The main reason why cleaning can take a lot of time is that we usually get distracted.

If you’re able to minimize the distractions and concentrate on completing one task at a time, you’ll be able to clean the entire house in just a couple of hours.

Here are some tips that will make cleaning your home an easier process.

Gather Your Cleaning Equipment

Start by gathering all the cleaning equipment that you’ll need. Your main goal is to clean your home without taking so much time.

So have all the cleaning tools you’re going to use, such as a bucket, mop, detergents, a piece of cloth, a vacuum, and a broom all in one place.

Bring all the tools, even the ones you’re not sure you’re going to use. Place all of the cleaning equipment in a place near the room you’re cleaning.

This will help you reduce the time wasted looking for the tools you need, and instead of going back and forth to get a specific cleaning tool, you’ll just have it near you.

Move the tools each time you move to a different room. That way you’ll always have the equipment you need right next to you.


Before you start cleaning, it’s essential to remove any clutter in the space you are cleaning.

First, create three boxes; one for the things you’re going to keep, one for the things you’re going to donate, and another for the items you'll throw away.

Once you create these boxes, declutter one room at a time; you can bring extra boxes in case the ones you have are full. After you’re done, place them outside of the house until you finish cleaning. You might feel that decluttering each room before cleaning will make the cleaning process longer.

However, this will make the cleaning process easier as you will not need to clean items you no longer need.

Use Skip Bins

After decluttering your house, you will find a lot of items that you want to get rid of. Instead of placing them outside the house and creating a mess, you can get skip bins. You may wish to use a company such as skip bins Sydney if you are in this location. Regardless of location, there are always many options of skip services available to you.

Many people in Australia have started using skip bins on the day they’re going to declutter the house as some of the items they’re throwing away can be recycled. It also works as an incentive to clean the house. When you set a date and get skip bins you know that you have to fill it on that day. It will be a good motivation for you to start decluttering and cleaning your home. In addition to all that, skip bins will reduce the time wasted in sorting what can be recycled and what can’t.

Skip bins companies don't usually throw everything away; they sort all the things to check what’s recyclable and what’s not.

All you need to do is place all your clutter in the skip bin and continue with the cleaning process.

Clean the Whole House

Many people prefer to divide the cleaning tasks across several days. However, this method requires much more effort than cleaning the house in one day.

When you clean one room per day, you will end up cleaning every day because, by the time you finish the whole house, the first room will need to be cleaned again.

Instead, clean it all in one day and take the rest of the week enjoying your clean house.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

Do you feel that your house is still not clean after spending hours or days cleaning it? If your answer is yes, then you probably forgot to clean the small items.

Sometimes, we focus on cleaning the furniture, floor, and even ceiling, and end up forgetting the upper shelves, TV screens, or picture frames.

The dust on these items will make you feel that your home is not clean enough. Make sure to go through all the items in one room and remove all the dust on each item.

Have a System

top bottom cleaning system

When you want to clean your home,  don’t start mopping before removing all the dust. You should clean using the top-bottom system.

When you start cleaning, start with the hard-to-reach spots on top then make your way down to the floor.

This means that you start with the blinds, upper-shelves, and then move to countertops and tables, then clean the floor.

If you started by cleaning the floor and then moved to the upper shelves, some of the dust will fall to the ground and you’ll need to clean it again.

You should also start by removing the dust, with a clean piece of cloth, clean the top of the furniture and other objects, then start vacuuming the floor.

After that, you can mop the floor. This efficient way will save you a lot of time and effort.

Cleaning the entire house is not an easy task, but if you have an efficient technique, you will be able to do it in a short time.

Your mission is to reduce all the distractions to minimize the time needed to clean the entire house, and you can do that by getting all your cleaning equipment right next to you and cleaning from top to bottom.

Your mop and vacuum will not work properly if they’re not clean, so don’t forget to clean your tools and equipment.

To maintain a clean house, do a 10-15 minutes clean-up every day to remove any clutter, dust, or food leftovers. This will make your next clean-up much easier and faster.

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