Getting the House Ready for Fall

Getting the House Ready for Fall house in fall scene red orange leaves on tree hampersandhiccups

As the year progresses so the season’s change and being prepared for each one can help to make life much easier. The leaves are already changing color in some places. At this time of year,  there are things you can be doing to get your house ready for Fall.

Getting the House Ready for Fall

House ready for fall orange leaves in autumn

Check Your Roof And Gutters

You might be surprised just how much damage a couple of loose roof tiles or a blocked gutter can cause when it rains. Water leaking into your house can cause stain and mold, and then the affected rooms could end up needing redecorating.  Check your roof for any problems, and clear out your gutters with tools found here to prevent this from happening.

Get Rid of Pests

As it gets colder, it’s not unusual for pests to come indoors. If you spot any telltale signs, you’ll need to call pest control. Do it now, so that you don’t end up getting overrun when fall gets into full swing.

Be Ready For Power Outages

A loss of power is less likely to happen in the summer months because there is less demand. However, in the fall and winter, it is not an unusual occurrence. It does depend on how badly this would affect your home if say the power was off for an hour or so. For some people, a few candles to give them light would be enough, but others might need to think about a small generator to take over.

Have Your Heating Serviced

Don’t wait until your heating breaks down and you have to wait days for an engineer. Have your heating serviced before the fall, so you know it is good working order before it gets cold. With heating systems, there could also be a safety issue if it is not serviced at least once a year.

Do You Have Any Drafts?

Just run your hands around your windows and door frames to see if you can feel any drafts. A lot of heat can be lost through just small gaps, and sealing them will help to keep your house warmer.

Look For Blocked Drains

You need to make sure that none of your drains are blocked.  If there is a heavy rainfall, a blocked drain will not cope with it and you could end up with broken pipes, which can be very costly to repair. If you find a problem with a drain, call a plumber and get them checked out by the professionals. There are some things you can do yourself, but it’s always better to get help if you’re unsure.

Get Your Garden Ready

There are several things that will need doing in your garden. Start by putting away any garden furniture that has been out all summer. Clean it before storing it and make sure it is kept in a dry place.

Trim any trees or shrubs, as they will have grown quite a bit through the summer months. They will also be shedding leaves, so at the same time, you can clear away all these from your backyard.

To prevent frost damage, put a winter fertilizer on your lawn, and take in any plants from your garden that the frost is likely to kill.

Stock Up On Firewood

If you run out of firewood when there is six inches of snow, you will really wish that you had stocked up on it while you had the chance. As long as you store it somewhere dry, the wood will be ready whenever you need it.

Preparing your house for fall is not as difficult as you may think, and will make life more comfortable for the whole family.

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