How to Solve Your Landscaping Problems

How Do Faux Boxwood Mats Solve Your Landscaping Problems?

Green mat foliage is a real ornament to any landscape. Especially for commercial establishments, the landscape does not seem important but feels to be incomplete without the presence of green mats. People want to avoid living grass mats or turf due to their high maintenance requirements, but the artificial foliage has made it easy to give a complete and lush green look to your landscape without any major upkeeping requirements. Artificial boxwood mats are popular these days due to their realistic looks that give an alluring effect to the whole area. These are highly versatile in nature and can offer you a wide variety of options for building an eye-catching landscape.

Boxwood is the most popular type of foliage with which these mats are created. 12″×12″ is the most common and standard size. These square faux boxwood mats can revamp the look of you indoor as well as outdoor landscape.

Durable Solution for Your Landscape

As these artificial mats and foliage are designed using high-quality boxwood that incorporates UV and water-resistant properties. It means whether you utilize them for the indoor area or outdoor area, these will last or long withstand all the weather conditions. As they do not have any maintenance needs except occasional dusting, they can be placed even in areas that are hard to reach. Whether you use them as hedges, privacy screens, vertical walls or garden mats for the outdoor or indoor area, these will look outstanding and keep your garden green and charming for years without worries of maintenance. The thick leaves of boxwood with dark green color will not show to the onlooker that these are of faux nature as they replicate the appearance of real boxwood foliage.

Low Maintenance Requirements

One of the major problems with real landscaping is the efforts and cost required to maintain the plants. For making real plants survive throughout the year, you need to be careful about their upkeep, watering, pruning and fertilizing needs. Also, plants need to be chosen carefully based on the weather conditions that they can withstand, according to All this adds a higher cost to your landscaping budget along with loads of a headache. For this reason, artificial boxwood mats are being preferred by landscape lovers to build a maintenance-free, durable yet graceful landscape. Doesn't matter how you use these boxwood mats but the maintenance for all their forms is negligible. You just need to do a little bit of dusting to remove dirt from the leaves occasionally.

Additionally, faux products from companies such as ThermaLeaf® are fire retardant and safe.

Eliminate the Fear of Pests and Insects

Do you fear that your landscape will encourage pests and insects to your commercial space? Well, this is the most embarrassing condition that living plants can cause as pests and insects are attracted by plants as they find their feed there. Moreover, if you are using living plants for the indoor area, these can really irritate your employees, guests, visitors or customers. Artificial boxwood mats and plants eliminate pests and insects from your premises as they won't be feeding those insects.

How Faux Boxwood Mats Can Build Your Landscape?

The faux boxwood mats can offer you a wide range of options to build an outstanding and creative landscape. Their usage is not just limited to putting on the floors like traditional mats. Rather they can be used in numerous ways to showcase your creative side. Below are some of the ideas that you can try to utilize your boxwood mats in the best way.

Classic Mats Laid Around Your Outdoor Area

This is the most popular and traditional usage of these boxwood mats. You can add a horizontal turf garden to your space by simply laying these over the floor. This way you can form a lush green surface in combination with other artificial foliage. This formation is ideal if you have a larger space in your commercial complex and you want to form an alluring green landscape there.

Artificial Rolls Along the sides of Walkways

Just like you use artificial moss roll, if you are a lover of boxwood, you can get a boxwood roll created. These rolls look awesome when used along your walkways and driveways. For adding a blend of color, you can place colorful artificial flowers over those boxwood artificial moss carpets and mesmerize your visitors with such a creative yard.

Artificial Vines for Complementing Your Architecture

You can also get creative artificial vines created out of these solid boxwood mats. Those vines can work as the real ornaments for your indoor and outdoor landscape. Not just landscape but you can use those vines as the perfect decorative item for your interior. Hang vines to the grills, vertical walls or similar and these will add a unique charm to your aesthetics.

Artificial Hedges to Beautify Your Space

Hedges are always amongst the top choices of people as their presence in your landscape make the whole space look structural and organized. Not only good looking but they are also highly functional. You can use them as partitions between two sections of your interior space or use to define the boundary of your premises in an elegant way.

Faux Topiaries – The Loveliest Elements Ever

Forming artificial topiaries out of these boxwood mats is the most popular, elegant and creative usage with which you can showcase your creative side to the onlookers. Among standard topiary designs, ball topiaries, spiral topiaries and cone topiaries are the most popular ones. These shapes can add grace and charm to any kind of landscape as well as architecture. Additionally, you always have an option to custom design topiaries in the way you want. If you have your design preferences, may be you want to showcase your business logo, special signature, any funny character, animals or more, you can get everything designed perfectly with these boxwood mats. As these are highly flexible and adaptable, so it is quite easy to form desired shapes.