Homemaking: Amazing Gardening Ideas for Students

gardening ideas for student

Getting out and about in the garden is a nice way to spend your free time.

Few people can resist the magic of making something grow as they see how life spurts forth, rewarding them with a feeling of pride and happiness for playing a key role in nature's miracle.

Whether it’s growing flowers from seed or planting a vegetable garden, gardening can provide students with many important lessons.

Apart from the practical aspects of gardening, it teaches responsibility, encourages creativity, and provides a great place to think, chill, and recharge.

And it doesn’t really matter whether one has a big or a small garden, there are plenty of activities students can get started on no matter what environment they have.

Gardening is an exciting but time-consuming hobby.

Especially if students are given big gardening projects at school or college, they need to spend a lot of time on it at the expense of other classes.

If one prefers working outside instead of spending time at home learning some theoretical subjects, they may fall behind with other subjects.

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Sunflower house

A sunflower house looks really amazing and it’s definitely worth your time and effort.

To make it, you should first mark out a square that indicates the ‘walls’ of your house. Then, dig a garden trench along the walls, and plant some sunflower seeds along the trench.

Don’t forget to make a gap for the door so you can get in.

As the sunflowers start to grow, you can steady the plants using stakes from bamboo.

A sunflower house is a wonderful place to host a garden party or a picnic. Enjoy a vibrant blaze of yellow within the walls of sunflowers!

Vegetable garden

One of the greatest things about vegetable gardens is that you harvest real rewards for your efforts.

The vegetables you can plant depend mostly on the time of year, but there is always something in a particular planting season.

Moreover, there are many vegetables you can grow in pots or planters, such as cherry tomatoes, capsicums, and zucchini. Also, they all are easy and quick to grow.

If you buy yourself a good gardening guide, you will probably get real joy in picking the fruits of your harvest.



In case the idea of planting a vegetable garden seems too ambitious for you, you can make a herb garden instead.

Herb plants cost only a few dollars, which is great for students on a budget.

You can buy them at garden centers or at most supermarkets.

Everyday herbs like parsley, mint, and chives, are very easy to grow, and you can start enjoying them instantly.

Like vegetables, you can grow herbs in pots, so no matter where you live a herb garden is attainable even in the student dorm.

Hanging basket

A hanging basket is extremely easy to make, everything you need except for a wire basket is a basket liner or some hay, potting mix, and small flowering annuals that you like.

Just fill the basket with potting mix and plant your flowers there.

If you want to make a basket that is entirely encased in flowers, cut slits in it and poke flowers in from the sides and bottom.

Create your own labels

To identify all the plants in the garden, you can make beautiful garden labels and signs.

They are easy to create from everyday materials, like ice cream container lids or bits of old timber.

Super creative students can make labels out of flattened spoons or even shells. Just use your imagination and enjoy the process of creation.

Gardening is an emotionally rewarding activity that brings pleasure to many people.

These are just a few gardening ideas for students who are planning a beautiful garden. Explore more options on

Pinterest and implement the best of them. Creating your own garden is a great way to bring life to your everyday routines.

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