Artificial vs Real Grass: What Should You Choose for Your Yard or Garden?


Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the gardening game, it’s evident that many of you have been out sprucing up your yards and gardens during lockdown.

Since having to self-isolate at the beginning of the year, 74% of people have admitted to changing the way that they use their garden.

Are you someone that has taken advantage of a weekly BBQ? Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed bringing your laptop outside to work in the sunshine? 

After spending so much time at home over the last few months, many individuals have started to reconsider their garden layouts, furniture and even lawn. If you have been stuck between opting for real or artificial grass, we can help. So, what are the pros and cons of both?

Real Grass



  • Easy process: Laying the rolls of turf is not difficult, and once they’re down, you’ll be able to enjoy your new lawn within a few days
  • Stress-reducing qualities: Not only is there something very satisfying about mowing the lawn, but grass can help you to feel less stressed, as when you stand on it, the Earth’s surface can help to regulate your autonomic nervous system. 


  • High maintenance: If you’d like a lush green lawn, you’re going to have to put some hours in mowing and trimming it.
  • Unable to deal with high traffic: If you have a paddling pool, host a BBQ, or have energetic children that like to skid and run around outdoors, this could damage the grass, meaning that it’ll need a lot of attention to get it looking healthy again.

Artificial Grass



  • Easy to maintain: As artificial grass doesn’t require feeding, mowing or watering, it is extremely low maintenance.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Spring, summer, autumn, winter – no matter the time of year, the grass always looks great. Also, if you have dogs or kids and you’re scared that the grass will get dug up, you’ve nothing to worry about.


  • Price: The initial cost could be quite expensive – especially if you have a large area to cover – so ensure that you assess your finances before making the decision to lay it.
  • Lack of real grass ‘scent’: With a fake lawn, you won’t be able to achieve that lovely cut-grass scent.

Whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll love the finished look. Enjoy spending time on your new lawn!