3 Ways Indoor Gardens Benefit Your Home in 2020

3 Ways Indoor Gardens Benefit Your Home indoor plants inside a house window hampersandhiccups

As winter approaches, the days of summer picnics surrounded by beautiful flowers and the scent of freshly cut grass are somewhat behind us. Yet, in the coming winter months you can still enjoy the benefits of having indoor gardens.

Indeed, this is the time of year many seeds need to be planted and nurtured with substrate pots so that when spring does finally arrive, your garden can be filled with an array of uplifting scents and colors to herald the warmer days and shorter nights.

Indoor Gardens - a garden path of round flat stones leading through red tulips with blossoming treesSome plants will require being brought indoors to survive the harsh winter, yet there’s a trend within interior design right now that is to fill the house with deep green hues of vibrant foliage and the occasional burst of color from intense flowers such as orchids and indoor rose plants.

Here are three reasons to have indoor gardens this winter and enjoy the benefits of nature all year round.


If you live in a large city where the air quality is not at its best, you’ll want to have plenty of plants in your home in order to improve the air quality in which you breathe.  This is particularly pertinent if you live on a main road as the exhaust fumes filter into the air and get into the air we breathes within our homes – which is something to be particularly aware of if you or your family suffer with asthma or allergies.

In addition to plants, a great tool you can use to cleanse the air is a Himalayan salt crystal lamp, as this magically traps the impurities within the crystal and replenishes the air in a similar way to how plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.

Plants cleanse the air from toxic chemicals and raise the humidity of the local internal atmosphere by releasing moisture vapor, again, this is particularly good news for those with asthma or allergic conditions.


We all know the benefits of aromatherapy, but when you consider where these oils come from, it makes sense to add a few indoor lavender plants around the home in order to increase the sense of relaxation – leading to a better quality of sleep and a generally soothing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system.  Of course, the concentration of the vapor is going to be much less when compared with burning an essential oil or having a massage with a concentrated oil – but there will still be an effect on your body and mind.


Several studies have been shown to demonstrate how patients in hospitals that are surrounded by flowers, or have a view of nature, are more likely to recover.  That said, in an everyday sense, flowers simply add to a feeling of optimism and abundance in life (unless, of course, they are dying plants which have the total opposite effect).

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