The Ideal Residential Gadgets for New Homeowners

Residential Gadgets for New Homeowners

Being a homeowner is fun. Once you get past all of the finances and hard work, there is nothing like coming home to your very own place, knowing it is yours to do with as you please.

Being a new homeowner is really fun as well, too, because the honeymoon phase of decorating and filling your home with all of your stuff is exciting.

Moving can be a drag, but it is still great to start setting your stuff up so you can settle in and have some familiarity with your place.

What is even more exciting than moving your stuff in is buying new things to populate your home.

Shopping for new things is always cool because it makes you feel like a kid again. Instead of a new action figure, you are looking for a toaster oven.

It might seem silly to get excited over that stuff, but it is true.

On the other hand, this is a good time to start looking for useful gadgets as well. Here are some cool things to buy for your new home.

Record Player

Record players are not just for hipsters and music enthusiasts.

These gadgets are awesome additions to your home because the sound quality is like silky smooth velvet for the ears.

Not only are they great for listening to music on, but it is a timeless and elegant piece of electronics to have in your home.

It adds a level of style that is a great conversation starter, and you can show off your cool collection of records for guests as well.

Record players are cheap now, too, so even a great quality player can be found for under $400.

Not to mention the speakers can be multi-purpose for your TV as well.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming a more popular item for homeowners to put some money into.

Before, it used to be unheard of to have your very own security camera setup, but now it is easier than ever because of lower prices and easier to use technology.

With mobile phone support, you can check up on the outside and inside of your property if you leave your pets at home, if you are worried about your kids, or just want to see how things are.

You can even get camera doorbells to see who’s there without having to get up and check.

Air Fryer

There are so many gadgets you can fill your kitchen with; it is astounding.

One gadget that should be in everyone’s kitchen is an air fryer.

Air fryers are much better for making fried foods because they do not use oil for cooking, so it is a healthier alternative without compromising on taste.

The health benefits of air fryers are attracting many, say the pros over at, and you can see that there are all kinds of different varieties.

They range in size, price, power, and serving sizes, but they all work well to give you tasty fried food without the fat and grease.

Home Assistant

It seems like everyone is getting a home assistant these days, and for a good reason.

Having these home devices allows you to operate so many different tasks hands-free.

If you are having an intense baking session, but your hands are dirty, and you want to listen to music, now you can simply use voice command.

They work really well for parents with newborns so you can look after your baby while instructing it to take down your grocery list for you.

These devices are also interconnected with other smart gadgets in the home so you can really experience the home of the future today.

Smart Thermostat


Thermostats are old-school, which is why there are many more varieties.

In particular, smart thermostats are paving the way for comfortable home technology for everyone.

With smart device connected technology as well as its own self-contained features, you can set the temperature to the perfect level.

There are even smart thermostats that can regulate the temperature based on different people in the preference of the home and provide individual room temperatures rather than housewife.

Robot Vacuum

While being a homeowner is fun, for the most part, you still have a lot of responsibility with chores.

One of the most tedious ones is vacuuming your floors and carpet. Instead of doing this menial task, why not get a robot vacuum?

Having a robot do the work for you frees up your time, and it is frankly cool to watch.

Robot vacuums map out the floor layout with lasers so they can detect objects and interference and provide you with amazing cleaning capabilities for the home, letting you get to work on other tasks.

Bluetooth Speaker

A good Bluetooth speaker is a must for any home.

Not only does this let you jam out with your phone, but again, hands-free connectivity makes it much easier to place music from your phone with no cords or wires tripping you up.

Bluetooth speakers are great for home use or when you are on the go.

There is a huge variety of speakers now too, so there is never a lack of these gadgets for your home.

Along with some other smart devices, you can connect this one to your home assistant as well to play audio out of two speakers, depending on the device.

Air Purifier

Lastly is an air purifier. You might think that your home's air is fine, but even small particles of dust and debris can sneak through the vent filters and mess up your home's cleanliness.

Air purifiers are useful devices that keep the air in your home pristine, protect you and your family, and they are even rather quiet now so you can enjoy the silence.

A good air purifier is never a bad idea.

Owning your own home means filling it with all the furniture and toys that you wish.

This is part of the fun of having a home, and these gadgets are sure to make your home life all the more enjoyable as you settle in.

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