Can You Put Wood Flooring in Your Bathroom?

Can You Put Wood Flooring in Your Bathroom hdr

The bathroom holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s the place that you’re allowed to be messy in because it’s also the place you get clean in.

It’s the place you relax in: the closest thing to unconscious meditation often happens in the shower, and the bathtub is the escape from life that most people crave when things get too stressful.

It all makes for a bizarrely beautiful room that is periodically made dirty again in time.

So, what flooring option should you go for in the bathroom?

You have to think about maintenance, style, and affordability when it comes to renovating your bathroom, but mostly you have to think about waterproof options.

This is why a lot of people have backed away from the idea of wooden floors in the past.

The go to is bathroom tile, but are there other options? Sure, there is. Click here to find some, but continue to read on here to find out more details.

Of course, you can’t!

Your instinct might be to run in the other direction from a bathroom with wooden floors. Wood isn’t waterproof. Bathrooms are.

They have to be for the days when the little ones turn the bathtub into a water park, or the golden lab decides the vigorously shake method is better than the towel.

Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and engineered wood flooring all tend to warp in a room with too high humidity in the air, never mind collecting puddles under the sink.

So, that’s that right? You can’t have a wooden floor in the bathroom. Not unless you want every shower to be wracked with anxiety, right?


Of course, you can!

We’re here to tell you that your dream of a nature- and serenity-themed bathroom that forgoes the usual tiled bathroom floor is in fact a possibility.

You can make yourself a nature spa resort at home with a wooden floor to supplement the eucalyptus you have hanging from your showerhead and steel drums playing on your shower stereo – and you can do it with LVT flooring.

LTV or vinyl flooring is waterproof and can come in a massive range of patterns and styles, so you have the option of the tiled bathroom at a more affordable rate or even a bathroom floor that does a very good impersonation of wood flooring.

This means that the most relaxing room in the home can be even more so.

Not only does surrounding yourself with nature help with your mental health, which the bath is definitely the place to do that best, but because LVT flooring is waterproof, you won’t need to add worrying about spilling the bathwater to your list of things to get anxious about.

Benefits and alternatives

Benefits of wood floor in bathroom

The benefits of LVT flooring go much further than its waterproof qualities.

It’s a very affordable alternative to solid wood flooring and is a lot easier to maintain.

As we mentioned, solid wood floors tend to warp with water, so keeping it clean takes care.

Due to its waterproof design, LVT flooring is a lot easier to maintain, which is going to be important in the bathroom where a muddy day with Rex can be seen all over the walls and floor.

Sure, laminate flooring is also affordable, but it too is an imitation of solid wood flooring, and it too will warp with too much water.

However, if vinyl really isn’t for you, there are a lot of waterproof laminate flooring alternatives coming out lately that can allow you to add some more wood paneling to your bathroom floors.


It is entirely possible to enjoy a wood floor in your bathroom, either with LVT or laminate floor panels. It can even be easy with click-in-place options for laying.

So, go for it, and enjoy your nature wonderland.

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