Important Things to Consider Before Doing Bathroom Renovations

master bathroom interior in luxury home large mirror shower

People renovate their bathrooms for a host of different reasons. Perhaps they are tired of the lack of floor space, or are weary of looking at scratched units. They may have added different items to the bathroom over time, creating a look that is both outdated and inconsistent in style.

Some people have recently come into some money, or are simply wanting a new project. Whatever the reason, it can be a big undertaking to renovate a bathroom. Anyone who ploughs into the process without taking any thought beforehand could end up with issues. They may find themselves with too many units and too little room, or simply run out of money. This article provides helpful advice on what to think about before you proceed with the renovation.

Can You Do It Yourself Or Not?

Some people are blessed with the ability and experience to save money and do the work themself.

The task will require the skills of plumbing, electrical work and carpentry in order to succeed. The professionals from say many people prefer using licensed builders, whether it’s for a home or a commercial bathroom. For this reason the public are frequently searching online to find out the potential costs and timescales, and to request free consultations.

Before they proceed, people often want to see examples of a contractor’s work, and to read online reviews. They also want to know whether the bathroom will be out of action during the renovation, and if so for how long.

If you want to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable contractor, you should visit this website and talk to a representative to clarify any concerns.

In this way, you’ll have peace of mind and get the most out of your bathroom renovation budget.

The Value Of A Consultation

A layman may simply say, ‘I want this, this and this. I want that moved here and that moved over there.’ The contractor can tell you whether it is actually possible. Perhaps the plumbing will not allow for this, or there is insufficient space.

Should a company provide a quote, it may be that you have chosen materials that are too expensive for your budget.


People generally get what they pay for. If they buy cheap materials they may become faulty, or not last as long. Having said that, it is essential that a person creates a budget and stays within it. As we have previously stated, a professional will be best placed to anticipate the costs.

Some people enjoy quality materials or have expensive tastes but as we have said, it’s a good rule for people to only buy what they can afford – even if it means a compromise over quality. It may be better to delay the renovation and save up, rather than to seek a personal loan and to press on with a debt issue.

People will need to cover the labor costs as well as those for the materials. Even when the work has been assessed in advance, there is still the chance of having unexpected problems. This may often relate to the hidden aspects such as the plumbing and wiring.

Some laborers charge a daily rate. This is the most risky way to employ someone. The longer the job takes, the more money they will request. If a quote is provided in advance, this should absorb both the expected and unexpected issues.

Future Needs

It’s short-sighted to spend money on renovating a bathroom suitable for two adults, if children are planned in the future. People need to think about the ability of kids to slip on wet floors and to bash their heads on sharp corners when there is little floor space.

It might be that the bathroom would be acceptable in its current layout if an adult bedroom had an ensuite bathroom installed. This would reduce the likelihood of there being queues for the toilet or shower, especially before work or school.

In some cases people even have the option to knock down a wall or to extend the home to include a new bathroom. As people get older they may experience issues with getting in and out of a bath. It may be that replacing this with a walk in shower may be wiser. Space could be sought for support handles at key spaces in the bathroom as well.

Energy Efficiency

People can significantly reduce their water usage if they swap a bath for a shower. They can also have energy-efficient faucets and shower heads installed. Modern toilets are designed to use less water, and sometimes offer two different flush modes.

Not only does this help the environment by reducing the strain on our water resources; it also helps bring peoples’ fuel bills down. Whilst a bathroom renovation can be an expensive option, there can be such money savings on an ongoing basis.

The Plumbing

Sometimes a change in the plumbing can enable a bath, sink or toilet to be moved. This may help with space maximization and make the appliances become more accessible.

No one likes sorting a blocked sink, shower or bath. If commercial chemicals are used to clear such blockages, they can actually harm the environment. When shower drains are 1.5 inches in diameter it is worth increasing this to 2 inches wherever possible. This will help reduce the chance of such things as hair becoming clogged up and creating problems.


master bathroom interior in luxury home with large shower with tile

Whilst a person may be at the mercy of the contractor’s availability, timing can be an important consideration. Everything needs to come together at the same time when there is a bathroom renovation. There needs to be the installer/plumber and the electrician available. The new bath and units need to arrive in time as well.

It may be that there will be no water or shower/bath for a few days during the work. This can be most stressful for couples with young children or babies.

It’s important for someone to go into this project with their eyes wide open. They should have researched, employed the most suitable contractor and bought the best materials they can afford. In turn the new functionality and decor should serve the home’s occupants for many years to come. Should the house ever be sold, however, the work may help increase the asking price.

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