5 Signs That It’s the Best Time to Replace Your Door

time to replace the front door

The façade of your home is crucial in making an excellent first impression. The front door is one of the first things people see. So a gorgeous front door can significantly transform the look of your home.

However, aside from being an aesthetic element, the door has other functions, such as keeping your family safe and protecting your home against the weather.

With this in mind, it’s vital to ensure your door is in good shape at all times.

Sadly, the front door is susceptible to wear and tear and exposure to weather elements.

A well-maintained door is likely to last for years, but after continuous exposure to wear and tear and changing weather conditions, the time will come when it needs to be replaced.

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And if you’re wondering when the suitable time to replace your door is, here are six signs to watch out for.

1. Difficulty Opening Or Closing The Door

When you’re having a hard time opening or closing the front door in your home, it may be too old. This problem especially occurs during the cold season, when your door expands and thus becomes difficult to move.

In such a case, instead of being useful, your door becomes more of a burden. The struggle when opening and closing the door could also cause more damage. Hence, it’s best to get a new replacement for the door rather than fix it.

2. Entry Of A Chilly Draft Through The Door

The presence of a draft in your home could be a sign your front door is needing to be replaced as soon as possible. If you’re feeling a draft even when the door is closed, it could mean cold air is sneaking through your door.

One way to determine where the air is passing through is to hold a candle or lighter near the edges of your front door. If the flame flickers or moves inward, it’s an indication cold air is coming in.

If this is something you’re dealing with, your heating bill could suffer, especially in the cold season. So if you don’t want your bills to get out of hand, consider getting a new door.

3. Evident Damage To The Door

Doors endure years of wear and tear and can end up with damage in different ways. Once you notice these types of damage to your door, it may be time to get a replacement:

  • Dents: when your door has several dents, it could be a sign of compromised structural integrity.
  • Rust: if your door shows signs of rust, it could indicate that moisture made its way into the wood frame and is triggering rot. Therefore, the door may no longer be structurally safe and can no longer protect your home.
  • Peeling and splitting: a solid wood door tends to age fast. As it expands and contracts as the seasons shift, it’d endure cracking, warping, and weathering.
  • Once the wood begins to split or the paint starts peeling away, moisture will move inside the wood and cause rotting. Aside from that, it can also attract termites and other wood-destroying insects.
  • Squeaking hinges: if your door has squeaky hinges, it might require lubrication. In some cases, however, the noise could be a sign of a severe problem, such as the door starting to deteriorate.

When an aging door has serious cracks and dents, it’s no longer secure enough to support the door structure.

As such, it can no longer provide your home with adequate security and protection. Therefore, getting a new door would be your best option.

4. Excessive Moisture

If your front door has glass windows, you may notice the buildup of moisture. Once the seal of the glass panes starts to wear down, moisture would eventually seep in between.

In the long run, it’d allow for the development of mold and mildew.

If your front door has a wooden core, mold and mildew growth within the glass window can readily spread all over the door. When your front door develops frost or fog between the glass panes, a replacement is necessary.

5. Minimal Or Lack Of Soundproofing

sound proofing front door

The front door of your house should be able to block or lessen outdoor noise, especially if you’re living in a high-traffic area.

When a door lacks soundproofing, it’s best to replace it with a newer model that has better insulating materials.


The front door of your home serves various functions, such as for aesthetics, security, and protection against the weather. Since your door plays an important role, it’s crucial to ensure it stays structurally sound at all times.

Once you observe any of the above signs on your front door, don’t hesitate to get a brand-new replacement soon to keep your home safe and secure at all times.

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