Practical Ways To Speed Up Your Household Chores in 2020

Practical Ways To Speed Up Your Household Chores cleaning a toilet hampersandhiccups

Love them or loathe them, your household chores aren't going to do themselves. Those plates in the sink aren't going to magically wash themselves. The dust isn't going to magically disappear. And your brooms and mop buckets aren't going to magically spring to life, no matter what you may have seen in Disney's Fantasia. Those household chores need somebody to get on top of them, and that person is probably you.

If you love doing the housework, this article probably doesn't apply to you. Find another article, perhaps one entitled ‘How To Make More Work For Yourself' instead. But if you hate those household chores with a passion, here are some tips to help you get them done in a speedy fashion.

Clean as you go

Speed up your household chores - woman mopping kitchen floorWhen you have used a cup, wash it. If you spill something on your kitchen counter, mop it up before you get a stain. If there is clutter on the floor, put it away. The alternative is a mounting mess. The kitchen sink will get full. Your work surfaces will get discolored. And your living room floor will mount up with stuff. By not staying on top of the housework, you are only making life hard for yourself. But if you clean up as you go, you will have less to manage later on. Ensure you enforce this rule onto other members of your family (such as the kids with their clutter of toys), and you will significantly cut down your housework time. 

Have cleaning products on hand

When you have your cleaning products on hand, you have more of an incentive to clean something up when you notice an unsightly mess. We are thinking of those occasions when you notice rings around the bath, for example, or when the dog has walked his muddy paws over your kitchen floor. Should you have your cleaning items to hand, perhaps in a cleaning caddy, you will then have everything you need to clean up on the go. As we said above, this will save you more time later on.

Hire the professionals

There are some household chores that you may not want to tackle yourself, and if you did, you may take longer doing them than an actual professional possessing all the necessary tools. To get better results, and to save you time in the process, you might want to hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your carpets, for example, or a firm such as LaborPanes to deal with the parts of your home exterior that you are unable to reach. You might also consider hiring a professional cleaner to give your home a thorough clean every so often, as this will give you the opportunity to put your feet up occasionally. Lazy? Yes! Efficient? Absolutely!

Buy easy-to-clean furniture

Thinking mainly of your chairs and sofas, how many times have you spent an age cleaning them? With dog and cat hairs, as well as crumbs and stains, it can be a real pain to keep them looking spotless. Unless, of course, you replaced your older furniture with something that is easy to clean. We have some ideas in this article, so take a look, and consider the investment to make your life much easier.

Create a family rota or schedule

Speed up your household chores - boy washing dishes in the kitchenWhy should you do all the hard work? Create a rota, and give everybody in your family something to do on a daily or a weekly basis. List everything that needs doing – washing, vacuuming, laundry, dusting – and delegate the responsibility. There are some ideas here to get you started. Sure, your kids will moan about it, but if you have to resort to a little bribery to get them motivated (or the threat of being grounded), then they should take their turn. Alternatively, turn it into a game. If housework becomes play – how many toys can you pick up in a minute (for example) – it might create some enjoyment for your kids.

Play music while you work

Choose the right background music while you're doing your chores, and you may get them done in double-quick time. Forego something classical and slow, and put on something uptempo that will get your feet moving, such as any of the songs on this playlist. Not only will you get your housework done faster, but you will have a lot more fun doing your household chores in the process.

Declutter your house

The less stuff you have, the easier your home will be to clean! Easy! So, use your hatred for household chores as an excuse to have a good decluttering session, by either throwing away anything that is surplus to requirements or through buying extra storage that will accommodate the stuff your home has accumulated.

Do a room a day

The more you can do each day, the less you will have to do later on. So, perhaps do the bathroom one day and the kitchen the next. And so on and so on! While you will have to commit to some kind of housework each day, you are still speeding things up as you won't have to do a complete house clean on another day in the week.

Don't do the housework when you're tired

Everything is a grind when you're feeling tired, and when it comes to the housework, you will either a) take shortcuts because you're unmotivated, or b) take longer because your body is moving in slow motion. Instead, do your chores when you're feeling active and energized, as you are bound to do a better and speedier job as a result.


If household chores are getting you down, use our ideas to speed up the process. And if you have speedy cleaning ideas of your own, then do us all a favor, and let us know your methods. The faster we can get through our chores, the more time we will have for the fun stuff, whatever that might be! Take care, and thanks for reading!

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